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This Bulletin Board has some very loyal and strong supporters!

There is an obvious passion and respect for the site, the way it operates and the moderators and editors, even the owner is held up as an example...I respect your respective positions and understand your points of view.

A few years ago when I made the postings, I broke the rules, it does not matter that I was ignorant or did not understand, I stuffed up and accept that I was wrong in commercialising my products or business. I have no argument with anyone about that.

You are all correct in that I should respect the site rules and that my breaking these rules is entirely my fault. The criticism of my mistake are deserved, they have been posted and are a constant reminder to me of my mistake... I have no problem with that. ‘If the cap fits...’

Soon after realising my error, I accepted that I was wrong, admitted my mistake and posted an apology. I do not know what more I can do?

There was no intent on my part to do any wrong or cause harm, defame or malign any person or business.

Free speech is only enjoyed by a small percentage of the World’s population, free speech is a wonderful privilege, people have died for it.... I respect free speech, and more importantly, I respect the right of people with whom I do not agree to express their views in whatever (legal) way they choose.

Most reasonable people do not support and would not tolerate or allow the publication of defamatory remarks about any person or company, which by the way, is against the law in the USA and many other western countries.

All I have ever asked for is that the forum editor removes the defamatory posting and request Google to remove the reference from their search results.

How can this possibly be unfair or unreasonable?
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