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Originally Posted by 35terraplane
I'm not sure whats going on here other than someone is suing Streetbeasts or being sued by them. I do know that Streetbeasts are a part of CMC or became Streetbeasts after CMC closed the doors. What I don't know is, is this about the car and how it's made or is it about the people that got the shaft.
I got a car from CMC 23 years ago, I paid less than half of what numbers I have seen here. When I saw the first body that they had at shows, ( I saw mine at a NSRA mini-nats. ) I thought they looked pretty good, I had never built a fiberglass car before, and I could have gotten a steel 33 at the time I was Looking at this one. There was just a body no frame, we made the deal, they wanted half down I would only give them a third. Now to make it clear I'm not one to part with a dollar very easy let alone buy some thing for over $7,000 without seeing it. I go by the saying buyer beware big time. Now at the time I was V.P. of MN Street Rod Association, and in charge of Commercial vendors at Back To The 50,S and they knew it. Anyway my in-laws lived in south Fl. So I went to the factory to look around, plus pick up my car and pay them off. They wanted me to use their trucking company which was going to charge big time to bring the car to MN. I had a trucking co. from MN. with me to pick it up they were not happy but they also wanted to do our show, so they gave me the car. I will say they did kind of did give me the V.I.P. treatment when I was there But things were already changeing. They were not so nice when after I opened the box and found the car was no where as nice as the one I had looked at or some that I had seen at the factory. But I'm a street rodder used to building cars from not much so I looked at it as that, I knew I was not going to get my money back or a new body so I did what I had to do, and it was a lot. one back fender flared out a inch , fix it, right in front of the pass. front door it dipped in , fixed it. The front cross member was too wide the car sat up like a 4X4, so we widened the front fenders 2" then saw that one fender was not right so I got a pair of fronts that were already widened cut the ones off glassed the new ones on they fit perfect. then I threw the grille shell away and fitted a valley grille to it. we ended up using 15 gal. of resin and a lot of glass. the frame was another nightmare, I ground all the welds down re-weled them then rounded them all with bondo, cut all the extra metal off the rear of the frame and set it up for a jag rearend.
We did lots of work on a car we thought we could just put it
together with a few changes, And I even went to the factory to check them out, I guess they guided me to what they wanted me to see. They were starting to have trouble a year after I got mine, I did let everyone in the club know and I would see other guys wrote about them. Then CMC stopped their ads in all the Mags. , and then out come Streetbeasts I knew right away it was the same car, the grille insert gives it away they are missing a bar on each side.
All I can say when it comes to making a big purchase buyer beware I don't care who it is check them outand go to the factory if you can and talk to someone that has the same or dealt with whoever, you spend a lot of money to buy one you sure want to see one first. Don't think that when you spend a lot that it will be an easy build, it might be but then again it might not, I have taken a trunk lid off of one 32 roadster and it was 1/2" shorter than the other steel cars.
I'm sure not here to defend Streetbeast or anyone else what I am saying is you are working on cars, that were made by man and they sure are going to need some work to go together, as far as the people that got the shaft from them, I feel sorry for you and I hope you get something out of this besides more heartache, but you have to cut off the head to kill it, other wise they just change names and keep on going, this isn't just with cars but other big noney items also, houses for one. Again I not sure if this is about the cars or getting the shaft, I would have thought by this time people would have stopped buying them it's been going on for 20 years.
If i may I 'm going to post some pictures of my car Thank you

35terraplane GET HER DONE

Look's like you did some nice work to it..
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