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vintage 07-14-2002 04:57 AM

i just went to a car show last weekend...780 entries.lots of gorgeous cars...but when i see a beautiful car in the distance,walk up to this expertly executed bodywork,paint,engine,design& fabrication,by shadetree mechanics...then i look at the interior...done by a nonprofessional...YUK!!!what a shame...come on u guys!!!...cough up the dough!!!get it done right!!!

johnnymopar 07-14-2002 05:49 PM

maybe you'd like to finance these things?

Some of us aren't made of money, you know!


Madd Syntst 07-16-2002 07:02 AM

IN defence of Vintage, I have to agree with him. It seems we spare no expence for motors, body mods, and paint and kinda throw the interior together. I know I'm guilty of that. I,m trying to talk a bud down off of $100 for a pair of grey leather seats. They are worth it, but it's the priciple and momma has me on a string!

Halloweenking 07-16-2002 11:14 PM

I know what you are getting at, and yes, some people should NOT do their own interiors. Some people just can't do it and should pay to get it done, BUT there are some of us that can do it. I myself have done all the interiors on my cars as well as a few others. I'm not a proffesional by no means, but I can get the same results. Just gimme the tools and a picture and I can do it. I do know when to foldup and pay though...

I must say this, I don't spend that much on the outside of my prodjects, I try to limit it as much as I can. I spend more on the interior than anything, its the part closest to me, I must enjoy it everyday, and it needs to be good because I get very grumpy if things aren't perfect. Have been known to get pissed and trash something if I can't get it right.

I'm a perfectionistic beastly weirdo headcase.

Thee odd duck...Kwaq freakin Kwaq :cool:

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