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wendy's Upholstery 06-28-2007 07:19 PM

Upholstery shop owner
My name is Wendy Rogers. I'm 42 years old. I grew up around stock cars. My dad raced for about 17 years. He held the track record for winning 11 straight A feature races in a row and 17 for the season. He stayed the track champ for alot of years. I got hooked setting on the fender watching my daddy work on his cars. We got to clean parts with gasoline and a wire brush so we could have money for gas for our mini bike. That grew into a voltswagon with the body took off when we learned to drive at the ripe old age of 12. We had alot of fun in my grandpa's pasture. Later on my boyfriend had a 55 Dodge, Custom Royale Sadan. He had no idea what he had. I can't even find a picture of a 4-door now. Not to mention it had a Hemey in it. So I took the upholstery class in high school so I could learn how to repair the interior and the idiot sold it for $600.00. But I married him anyway. We were married 17 years and had three beautiful children. We divorced in 97. I never had the money to start up a shop until a year ago. A man near by sold me all his equipment and supplies for $1250.00. It was the bare necessaties. My uncle retired from his salvage and had this big empty shop so I finally did it 25 years later. I did go back to school to learn alittle more, in high school it was only the second year they offered the class at the local Vo-Tech and we didn't have alot of tools or equipment. Our first project was a 67 Mustange. The auto mechanics class did all the motor work, another class did the body work and we did the interior. It was black vinyl, with red crush velvet diamond tuck and it was beautifull. Later I got to do a 57 Chevy in red and white tuck and roll. Now my oldest son and my niece work with me. We are so busy we can't catch up. But that's a good thing. I do need alot of advice on pricing and where to get alot of things. I'm the only shop around and there's not alot of people to talk to about my questions. Everybody has retired or got out of the business around here.

Ambassador of 'Pane 06-28-2007 08:15 PM

Welcome, you rock! :thumbup:

Centerline 06-28-2007 08:26 PM

Welcome to, Wendy.

Because you're a business owner please make sure you read the business guidelines here so you'll understand how we operate. We do have different rules than most forums when it comes to businesses. We have a great many business owners here and the only way to keep everything on an even keel is for everyone to follow those guidelines.

Again, welcome. You'll find plenty of help here.

454 Rattler 06-28-2007 09:26 PM

Welcome to ya Wendy ! Glad to have new blood around here.
You might look at DanTwoLakes posts or contact him.
He appears very helpful to everyone with upholstery questions.
Good Luck !


home brew 06-29-2007 10:26 AM

Welcome to the site wendy's Upholstery. :welcome: Lots of info and opinions here. To get the most out of the site check out the Knowledge Base and use the search function for quick answers to your questions. As well check out the Project Journals for info and inspiration.

Post your request for fabric info in the Body-Interior Forum and give as much info as you can so the members can give you an informed opinion.

Glad to have you here and enjoy the site.

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