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My wife and I were talking about this recently too (We got the same Email from her dad...). Basic conclusion we both came to is indeed a pretty sad one if you stop to think about it this way. Say the Goobermint started testing for drugs before doling out the welfare checks/food stamps/federal aid/ whatever you call it. Suddenly crack/methheads have a lack of funds and ability to finance the addictions they have. What do they start doing? Start robbing business's and private homes, that's were the money is, right? How else would they finance the habits they have?

It's not like you see any too many drug users just showing up at an employer's door just begging to go to work. That would be the day. Take the easy way out and steal for what you need. I could foresee the crime rate going thru the roof and drug related violence becoming even more prevalent. Personally, I'd love to see mandatory drug tests for those on welfare, but at the expense of needing more slugs for my 12 ga., I'd rather not see it happen. Ever here of the lessor of two evils? If I caught someone burglarizing my property, I can guarantee they will never do it again. However, I do know that I'll have to answer for that judgment call with a life sentence as well.

My solution to all this is probably too simple too, but here it is.

1. Clean house in D.C. The President, the House, the Senate, even clear out the lobbyists. Start completely over. Give elected officials one chance. If they can't find enough loopholes to make their millions of $$$'s in one terms' time, why give them decades to do it? Ted Kennedy and my own states' Dave Obey come to mind. I say line their pockets once and toss them out. This may be the only way to execute real change in government.

2. This part may throw a few for a loop, but please hang with me as I explain my reasoning why. Legalize drugs, and then tax the snot out of them. 50% tax should do it. Probably finance the entire government payroll on the taxes alone. Works well for the tobacco industry. Just don't subsidize the "drug farmers" like they do the tobacco farmers. Anybody that has been around tobacco farming knows exactly what I'm talking about. Portions of what smokers pay in cigar/cigarette taxes are funneled right back into tobacco farmer's pockets to help them out in bad growing years.

Now I'm also talking about strictly enforcing a lack of drug use in certain professions, Dr.s, emergency health care providers, and airline pilots come to mind right away. Now here it gets a bit touchy, but hear me out. One of the biggest challenges to this is that the parents in this country will have to step up what they do to make sure that their children can tell the difference between morally right and wrong from an very early age. More on this in a bit...I've never tried drugs, and saw no reason to try them. Heck, I don't even take aspirin for a headache.

Another part of legalizing drugs in my system is to inflict the most severe punishments our courts dole out for people convicted of any crime with any known narcotic in their system. I'm talking death penalty here, boys. Would you get high and knock off a liquor store if getting caught meant getting a one way trip six feet under? How about driving impaired by drugs? Simply put, you commit a felony or kill someone and test positive for drugs, you die. No second chances, no stays of execution. Make people think before they shoot up about the consequences, and drug usage will drop. Crime rates (barring those in D.C. of course ) will drop as well. Who needs a new SuperMax prison if you clean house once a week? I really like the "electric bleacher" idea that was posted earlier.

Anyways, I'll step down now before I say something I may really regret.

In a while, Chet.
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