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thats not exactly true seen a site where a guy modified the valve body, and a few other mods I think. and its fully manual now. no electronic PCM control needed. seen a kit for a add on for a vacuum modulation, that controls pressure instead of PCM and throttle position. I just wondering if it will function for light driveing with manual shifting, without the electronic controls, PCM throttle position. or if it can be done using switches and appling the proper voltage to shift for temp use. tell I can get my 4L60 rebuilt. and upgraded. the 5 pinion sun gears,sun shell, new input housing that allows the use of the commerical red 9 disc alto kit with full thickness steels ( check Patc raptor trans.) and reverse drum for wider band use. and maybe the newer sprangs cann't remember if i upgraged them over ten years ago when I went throught it. with just the stock commerical kit 9 disc red alto's and real thin steels. just not long life with heavy hard use. quated as not for towing. used mine for towing and everything else. real hard use. not good for the thin steels in that kit. but like I said was wondering if it would function by manually shifting as it has the shift control. and its a 94 LT1 4l60E not the newer drive by wire models. and thoughs stand alone PCMs are starting at over 500 dollars the last red alto kit that I put in a relative 94 S10 blazer with uprgaded to v-8 specs was about 4 years ago and the full rebuild kit only cost about 250. why would I pay 500 for a stand alone PCM kit only to rip it back out later after rebuilding mine. the upgrade parts might cost more but i could just do another 9 disc red alto kit

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