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pigjamelectric 11-30-2006 06:17 PM

using layers in photoshop
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I want to draw a character into an existing sketch. These are the steps I want to follow. I included some pictures from paint to give you an idea:

1. Scan the sketch (pic 1 I used just a picture for the example)
2. In Photoshop, select the cockpit area, copy/paste it onto another file, enlarge the cockpit, erase the area where the character will be sitting, print onto paper.
3. Draw in the character on the enlarged cockpit printout so it will be easier to draw details. Ink it by hand, scan it. (pic 2)
4. Shrink scaned picture back to original size (pic 3)
5. Seamlessly place shrunken picture back onto original picture with original background and hand going over steering wheel , seeing belly behind steering wheel, etc. (pic 4)

Can you advise me on how to do step 5 of this process using layers in Photoshop? Thanks.


PS. CBoy if you think this has anything to do with your car, all I can say is..... maaaaby. :mwink:

Rambo_The_Dog 11-30-2006 08:23 PM

The easiest way to do this is to get your little man seperated from the background image and save him to a seperate file.

Open the background image - switch to the little man and Select - All - Copy to copy the little man image to the clipboard and then paste it into the background image of the car. (you can also tile the view and drag and drop a layer from one image file to the next.

Photoshop will automagically create it on a new layer.

Use your magic wand tool to select the white background you want to delete around the little man image - or you can use the eraser.

JIm Sam 11-30-2006 08:48 PM

Hello Paul,
It is pretty easy to do what you want. You have several good Ideas as to how to do this project.

I suggest....
1. - start by scanning the picture large..maybe this in the scanner. Iscan directly into PS.

2. - Save file....give it a name and save as a PS doc. Let's Call this file 1

3. - Save file...this time save as a different name ...Let's call this file 2

4. - Print out file be used to draw on....etc.

5. - Scan the finished or revised copy and call it file 3. scan at 100%

6. - Open file 1 (keep it open)

7. - Open file 3 - - Use the eraser tool to get rid of major parts of the pix you won't need.

8. - Use the marque tool (looks like a perforated box)select area you want to use and copy it.

9. - Go back to the open file 1...Paste ....This will put the driver on a new layer.....When working in to show layers.

10. - You new layer should be the the dialog bow of the should see a way to adjust OPACITY.....

11. - Set Opacity of new layer to about 20....this will allow you to see through the layer to the base layer.

12. - Now you zoom into the area you want to work on...

13. - BE SURE YOU ARE WORKING ON THE CORRECT LAYER....Sorry for the shout.....but in the layer dialog box..te layer that is highlighted in color is the layer you will be working on.....

14. Make all your fine ajustments including position of the object in the layer......When done increase the opacity of the layer.....In the example pix you posted I would make the opacity about that guy won't look like he was added in.

15. - Remember save often as you go and even do save as (give a name) as you go so that if you mess up and you start over again easily.

16 - Lasly......When complete....change the image size back to the origianl size you want...remember we enlarged when scanning.

TRY this and if you get stuck post back.....Yeah I teach Desktop pub in HS.....Take CAre.....Jim S

pigjamelectric 11-30-2006 10:39 PM

Thanks for the help Rambo and Jim,

Now I just have to figure out how to get the pen to do what I want it to. ;)


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