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Originally Posted by brad33478
I did keep the oil pressure sensor in the loop and RPM signal but I havent fired the motor up yet, just checking through things beforehand. So I will check that it is pumping while running later on.

[ Quote should I just keep all the EVAP and instead of running the output back up to the intake manifold (like the original) just have it vented into the air?]

posted by Latech-[Quote Well the problem you will have is that the purge solenoid and canister vent/closed solenoid are regulated by the ECM. Part of the strategy used to run it depends on a few vital sensors now missing due to the fact you took off the Throttle body and put on a carb.The throttle posistion sensor is important , but now missing.Your carb doesnt have one.
The ECM needs to know the throttle posistion to properly regulate the purge flow(also other info is needed too ie: coolant temp,tank pressure/vacuum, etc.)
Defeating the emission devices is illegal, by removing the throttle body and replacing it with a carb, you made it quite difficult to keep the system functional. Quote]

[Quote I dont know a ton about EVAP but im assuming that all it does is relieve the tank pressure (fumes) when it becomes too high and releases into the intake to be reused instead of just into the air???

thanks everybody for the help
That is basically what it does, keeps the vapors from fuel from escaping so it can be used by the engine.
In the state you live you may not have emission testing or inspection, which means you may get away with defeating the systems,however I do not condone it. Also you are devaluing your vehicle by doing so, and without converting to a non computer ignition,like a basic HEI with mech /vacuum advance, you probably wont get it to run very well either.You have to have quite a bit of talent to take a late model EFI system and make it run better and perform stronger, it probably wont happen with just a carb and distributor swap.
not tryin to be an A hole about it, just sayin.
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