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Originally Posted by hcompton View Post
Uh well if money is no object you kinda end up with a 8000 hp dragster engine. Yeah not wedge heads but niether do f1 engines use production style chambers.

Point is 9k rpm chevy is going to sound nothing like a 5k rpm engine. And if you stuff a 9k rpm small block motor into a ferrari that had as much time spent on performance as the normal 458 forget the italia. It would make alot more power than ferrari engine fit the same space and less lbs. A lot of people think euro motors make more power since they rev higher and produce power at lower displacements. Truth is the motors are all let out from the factory nothing left in em. With more displacement they would be bigger than desil truck motors. And 8L v8 made with bmw or ferrari or porsche blocks would be 6 inches taller than a chevy and make the car handle like crap. With lots of top heavy engine.

Chevy with 8L engine running 5k rpm max will make about the same power as a 4L euro block turning 8k rpm. Aboit 400 hp properly tuned. Now spin that same 8L engine to 8k rpm with big cam and air flow to support it and you will hit the 800+ mark.

Only advantage the euro engines have valve lift and leverage on the rockers. Four valve engines use less lift and dont need as much spring pressure. But flow is about the same when the wedge is double the size of the pentroof heads. But you can get four valve heads for the chevy. And this is how all this relates to the post four valve heads change everything the sound is completly different and engine is more free reving with the heads.

Now add up 180 crank four valve heads and high reving forged engine and proper cam to reach that rpm. Then you will have a 800 hp engine that cost 15 grand and only sounds remotly like a ferrari. For the same money you could buy a used ferrari engine and get it installed.

Bolra has already spent the millions to develope the euro sound for the v8s.
I have been contemplating if I should correct you in all the wrong in this.... the last time did on this SAME subject matter- it appears you did not listen hence why you are puking more nonsense. Not all of it, but a decent amount. Not trying to be a dick here but I really get tired of people ranting about stuff they think they know but have little actual experience on the topic. I tend to read, listen, and research than follow this stuff. yous should try listening a little more.

The most knowledgeable person I have seen on this forum in reguards to this subject is again- old boggie.

the 458 motor is detuned from the factory. even the italia. that is for starters. don't get me wrong i would not own a ferrari if you paid me to. they are pieces of ****. I have worked on too many to like them. They DO break just like the lesser crap too.

The motor I am a fan of is the ford modular motor. There is a reason that konigsegg used that block (but heat treated) in their little monster of a car. Its absolutely bullet proof. When that cash for clunkers bs was going on, the dealer next to my old shop had been blowing up engines all day or weeks. The one motor that they ever had issues with was that ford 4.6 mod motor.

I am looking forward to working with a bear bones coyote motor myself.

Personally if I was going to build my car again (instead of the sbc i have) I would have used a ford 4.6 svt motor get rid of the silly blower they have and go na with a cross plane crank and hit 10k rpm all day long. THAT would be a not so bad idea. I am not sure if anyone uses a flat plane crank for the mod i would have to look into it.

also - have you ever heard a borla? Like in real life? Compare that exhaust on a mustang and bmw e93. the bmw e93 will sound almost exactly like the mustang with borla exhaust. american muscle puke noise. they are not at all "euro" in sound they are low and rumbley in nature.

that sound is close with the corevette corsa pace car exhaust. though still not quite. the exhaust pulses are not even enough to hit those high notes because of the configuration of the crank shaft- or if you prefer, the headers. The factory headers on the ls1 and up are tri-y headers. at least the ones i have seen. they don't quite equal out the pulses like 180 headers.
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