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Originally Posted by DanielC View Post
I am going to suggest vacuum is a better way to go. With vacuum secondaries, the engine opens the secondaries when the engine need the extra air. If you have a double pumper, the engine may not need the air, it is at too low RPM. Then air velocity falls too slow through both the primaries and the secondaries, and the carburetor loses its ability to accurately control the fuel air ratio.

The idea with a double pumper carb is the secondary accelerator pump squirts a shot of gas to cover up the opening throttle bog, and by the time that gas is burned, the engine has increased RPM to be able to use the air coming through all those wide open holes, and then can control the mixture.
With a heavy truck, towing something, the rpm will not have had enough time to increase pulling the load, and the engine may just briefly run off the accel pump shot, and then bog down, being too lean.
Thanks, that makes perfect sense now. I never thought of burning the pump shot and intake velocity too low to work the main circuit. I had a new carb in the summit shopping cart but didn't click check out until I heard some more replies. I think I'll keep the vac secondary now. I am using the blue cam and a 28 nozzle with 72 main jets, (they are a little rich) Converting to a 4150 makes sense as I can richen up the secondaries.

The reason I wanted the secondaries opened sooner was, I figured more air and more fuel would be better. I pull 12,000lb a lot so I'm around 18,000-19,000 total. It pulls pretty good, as good as a stock 5.9 cummins. I was just thinking more air and fuel would do better on these WV hills.

I am a member of several forums and you guys are buy far the most knowledagable. I appreciate your help and am glad I found this forum.
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