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Walker 07-19-2004 08:46 PM

vapor lock, sbc, hot fuel pump
I seem to be having trouble with vapor lock on my SBC 350 in my '67 chevy pick up. I have a see through fuel filter that will run dry when it is hot (130*+ on the highway here). I can watch the fuel pump through the filter when it is cool, and as the engine/compartment heats up the fuel will disappear and the fuel pump squirts will diminish till the is nothing coming out and the engine dies. I replaced the steel line from the pump to the carb with a rubber hose, which had no effect on it. I then took some cool water and poured it on the fuel pump itself. Low and behold it immediatly started pumping fuel. So it appears it is the pump itself that is getting hot.
Does anyone have suggestions for keeping this heat from the fuel pump? I don't realy want to switch to an electric, but will if I have no alternative.
Thanks, Andy.

60convert 07-19-2004 10:31 PM

fuel pump
I would start by buying a decent name brand pump and swapping it out. the problem should be cured there is prolly something wrong with the current pump.

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