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pcoghlan 05-28-2006 07:34 AM

vega steering box stiff to rotate
While I had my '29 Model A up in the air and Vega steering box disconnected from everything I noticed an issue.

The steering wheel would obviously rotate very easily BUT there was a point when the box was mid-way beteen locks that it stiffened up. It wasnt massivly stiff but it stopped and required a little pressure to encourage it though the point and it then loosened back up again. It did this in both directions.

I could spin the wheel from one lock and it would rotate 2-3 times till it arrived at this central point and stop, I would encourage it past the stiffness and again it would spin feely till the opposite lock.

The stiffness isnt something I can really detect now it is back on the road but I am not sure if this means I should rebuild/inspect the box or whether it is normal? I am confident the stiffness is experienced at the exact point the box is mid-way between locks.


powerrodsmike 05-28-2006 08:05 AM

There is nothing wrong with that box, That hard spot is supposed to be there.

That "tightness" is what helps keep your car from wandering when you are going in a straight line. That is why it is important to set up your steering linkage so that the box is centered.

There is actually a torque value in the book, (I have a factory manual for a vega, how weird is that?), that specifies the amount of torque to pull the steering wheel over the center. If I remember correctly the value is 8-16 INCH pounds max @ the steering wheel with the pitman arm removed. The same value with the steering gear removed is supposed to be 7-8 inch lbs (including thrust bearing preload of 4 in-lbs) . The torque is supposed to be measured with a dial type torque wrench of no more than 50 inch lbs. Try finding one of those LOL.
On a used box I would not set it that tight. I will post up the procedure if you want.

If I were you I would leave it alone unless it is extra tight or really loose.

Hope this helps, mikey

pcoghlan 05-28-2006 08:20 AM

thanks for the input Mikey.

I will leave it alone rather than screw with something that works!

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