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appleknocker 11-20-2002 05:28 PM

Vega sub frame
Anyone out there done a Vega subframe? I found a 74 at this junk yard in the woods. The body is almost cherry. Jegs has a nice front end set up and I am considering fabing up the rest of the sub frame myself. Any It pit falls to watch out for?

I got a Ford 9 inch that needs to be chopped.
How about ladder suspenion? any advantage over 4 link?

racer56 11-20-2002 06:28 PM

I have doen a few Vegas. They all been different but I think the four link is the way to go if performance is of prime concern. My first one was just a simple mono leaf spring set up that was cheep and worked good for the money. Difficult to get a very big tire under the fenders without tubs. This might not be a problem for you. I think it all depends on the power band on the engine you will use. If you use one that has alot of low end torque wheel spin is harder to control of corse. Sounds like a nice project.

appleknocker 11-21-2002 08:34 AM

Thanks Racer56. I plan on tubbing the Vega after I cut the back end out with the sawzall.

I got a 4 link set up on my 29 Ford coupe and it hooks up really good at the strip, running a pumped up 350 SBC.

I have never owned a ladder bar set and wondering about the advantages over a 4 link if any at all.

There are not many Vega's out there anymore. I finally got a nice shop with most all the tools I need now.
I plan on sub framing with mild steel 2x3 mild steel box tubing. I wont bend the tubing, instead
I will make cuts for the bends and tig weld it together with chrome-moly filler rod. I plan on purging the inside of the tubing with argon when I make the welds. The welds should be much stronger than the tubing itself.

Power train will be a SBC 327 with a turbo 350 bolted to it.

racer56 11-21-2002 09:10 AM

ER 70s-2 filler would work nicely. TO weld moly correctly preheat and heat sress pads are a must. That is the manufactures statement from the lawyers,ha however I've seen alot of dragsters at the track that have been welded with no preheat or anything and have yet to see the problems they say about cracking. I just stick with what works. As for the ladder bar system I can't think of one thing I like about it over a four link other than they are easier for someone just getting started. I also think the raid is not as good on the street. That and a four link just looks cool :D . Ryan

appleknocker 11-21-2002 09:49 AM

Your right about pre and post heating the chrome moly. You must be a tig welder. Like you I have seen a lot of frames at the strip that were tig welder and run with out stress relief and no problems encountered.

I just may go with the 4 link set up. I ran into a deal a few years ago where I got a deal on eutectic CM filler rod,1/8 and 3/32, got 20 pounds for 20 bucks. The er70 would proably work just as well as you say........thanks....Rich

racer56 11-21-2002 02:31 PM

Honestly I'm a old stick welder that has yet to change with the times :D . I've done very little tig but most of our stuff now is mig. I built a few jr. dragster chassis over the last few years that I tig welded. .58 moly tube chassis to keep the weight down. I've been going to get my NHRA cert. for the last few years but just haven't. Alot of guys around here have to take cars a good ways to get certified.

appleknocker 11-21-2002 05:11 PM

I pushed a lot of stick my self. You have to have a good hand to do that thin wall. Going to jerk the engine and tranny on the vega this week end. I may haul it down to work and cut out the back end with the plasma saw.

If yah want I could send you a picture of me and Lerch, the junk yard where I bought the Vega.
Blow your mind maybe........Rich

racer56 11-21-2002 05:37 PM

Send the pics. What body style is your car(wagon,hatch)? I've been looking for a picture of a 75 I did for a guy up in Iowa. I think my next project is going to have a 3 bar rear. I'm taking a page from the dirt modified guys :D . It should have a good ride and still be able to hook well. The biggest pain I have here in Missouri is the inspection stations. They look under some of our stuff and shake their head :D . I have to sit and explain how the stuff works and then I think they just pass us to get us out of the shop ;) . cya

appleknocker 11-22-2002 07:12 AM

I got a hatch back, I like this year because it sort of looks like a mini camaro. The strip in Spokane is AHRA and pretty loose. You just have to have dual throttle springs and a puke tank. Go faster than 11.75 and they boot you off the strip until you get a roll cage. Got to sign a release too. I think this strip is the only AHRA strip left in the country.

I am working on building my own junk yard, at least thats what my wife says. My coolest ride out of 10 cars and trucks has to be my Grand fathers 32 Ford 5 window coupe. It still has the orginal factory finish and interior. It took me over 30 years to get.

I will send you the pic's from home, I am at work right your back....Rich

birdwagon 09-30-2010 09:56 PM

71-77 vega monza subframe connectors

website sells subframe connectors for 71-77 vega/monza
good price

Deuce 09-30-2010 10:31 PM


Originally Posted by birdwagon

website sells subframe connectors for 71-77 vega/monza
good price

I see that this was your first post here ... so WELCOME to

But Birdwagon ... the thread is 8 years old. :mad: :(
Lets try and be a little more current :thumbup:

DEUCE ... Moderator

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