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Originally Posted by painted jester View Post
Timings a good guess if the blue print is right, We are assuming the cam was degreed and checks out right but don't know if its advanced, straight up or retarded, Or if the cam has an advance already in the grind, His gears are small should be at the least 4.11s, we don't know if the convertor is washing away his torque, We don't know if the flash torque is too low to use the converter to its potential! Trouble shooting this or any other thread is a guess and elimination puzzle! Ive installed these cams and 16*to 18* initial to 25 or 28 off idle and 34 to 38 in at about 2800 was plenty and never had to lock out the distributors to get good response, With a good flash stall converter, taller gears and the right diameter tires. And lets consider the carb Jetting, power valve, accelerator pumps duration and squirt, timing the secondary linkage! All this seems to be taken for granted its dead on! and narrowed to locking out the dist.

Lunati Hydraulic Flat Tappet, Advertised Duration 300/300, Lift .515/.515, Chevy, Small Block, cam: I dont know why but for some reason a comp or isky etc. of comparable size and specs hyd. or solid blow it out of the water on a naturally aspirated engine at 11 to 1 compression, bring the gears and stall up and that cam will really wake up! Im not saying you cant wake up that engine with that cam but I agree that a solid cam would have been a better choice and I could suggest others!

He never even stated his complaint Is it non responsive off idle when leaving a stop light idling at 600 rpm or is it non responsive at the track leaving the tree staged at 2800 rpm and it falls on its face! Does he stomp it at idle and its sluggish till it hits 2500 rpm! If he could explain his problem better and exactly what his complaint was I think I could come in on this thread with you other guys!

How did you come up with the 11 to 1 compression 90 caprice 408? What brand converter do you run #s? Where are you located (elevation)?

And no that cam is not for low end torque, and it was designed for mid to top end and a shot of N. Its gutless at bottom end, Do you bracket race or did you build for power on the street!

Why did you plan a build like this for your first (just curious) Its one hell of an accomplishment for your first build Who suggested that cam to you?

Didn't really plan this build out too much i guess thats part of my problem...i knew the cam and convertor had to somewhat match so when i picked the cam i looked at its operating range and picked the convertor that was a couple hundred more rpm than the beginning of the operating range of the cam.....I used one of the jegs convertor which is suppose to flash between 2700-3000....being that this was my first build i didn't use a degree wheel i just installed them in dot to dot like how i've seen people i've been around build there engines. I was also leaning towards running 4:30 gears but i don't want to install bigger gears and the car still be somewhat of a turd
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