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Originally Posted by 1Gary View Post
Reviewed from page one..............OMG!!!!.

We a assumed the info from the O/P is correct,(sorry guy,but some major mistakes where already make),that the SCR is wrong,the cam is wrong,the T/C is wrong.BUT we're gone-a-fix it.Ignoring all that tech advise.

And we know it's your first build,the thing is the tactic of this build was is cheaper/faster,and your still following that path to this day.Haven't changed abit.It continues into patch work repairs.SO excuse me,but I am using your issues as a illustration for us always telling people about a matched parts build.That matched parts buildIS IN NO SMALL PART A MAJOR PART OF THE TUNE

As for you F-Bird.At no time as a prelim to locking out the advance did I see you advise to read the plugs,check the carb,look at the A/F mixture.When was the day you woke up and decided you and only you have the one right answer??.Every day I come on this forum I learn more and that is after extensive experience as you know.Guess I don't have that magic ability that apparent you do to put me ear to the screen and be just like I'm there. So I am calling for you to find some modesty to get back on the learning path.Give and take so to speak.

To the O/P.My advise to you Sir is you have to change your tactics.If you made a mistake,you have to fix it.Patch work repairs now isn't going to get you to reap the benefits of all that money spent already.One thing that jumped out at me(maybe I missed it)is how you exactly you got to 11 to 1 with short 400 rods??.Question-how much risk are you willing to take before blowing a hole threw a piston or wrecking some rings with trial and error before your willing to face that fact no patch work repair is ever going to get-it-right. You do know that 400's are thin wall blocks that should be final sized with torque plates,those 400's walls should be sonic checked and mag, the walls move around alot,and the 400's DO NOT like putting up with much B.S. A expensive lesson??.Yep.It is the main reason the guys(well some of them anyways)post on here during guys gaining advise during a build are taught cam/compression comparability,T/C complements,rear end gear ratio's and tire size.Also how and why to measure exactly what you have to apply to the build.Not trying to be offensive in my comments,but honestly I'm not convinced you do.
The whole purpose of me posting was to see if I could get any help making the current combination to work better as is.....yes the cam might be wrong the t/c might be wrong but I did not want to sink too much more money into this build just want it to perform a little better on the low end if possible...will take everything i've learned in here towards my next basically everybody's post in here have been their views on what would get me the response I was looking for.....As far as the compression being 11 to 1....if u go to the first page I never said it was exactly that I said it was around 11:1...and this build does not have the short 400 rods
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