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Originally Posted by 383Eliminator View Post
I have seen some of the articles about the newer blowers making a ton of power. I just picked up a blower shop billet blower and love the look of a jet boat with a nice blower and long tube headers.. Kinda mixing both worlds together. I really want the strength of the LQ9 block and the efficiency of the L92 heads.. Should be a fun spring project and hopefully I put some big blocks in there place...
Just look at the GEN 4 LSA from the Cadillac CTSV V2, and later the Camaro that GM has relasedd for marine use.

530hp@5400rpm and 545lb/ft@4000rpm. It uses the 1.9 liter Eaton TVS blower with a single element integral intercooler.
-LSA 1.9 blower runs 9 psi boost, 2.3l LS9 blower runs 10.5psi

-The LSA and LS9 run an aluminum block and oil squirters that coat the bottoms of the pistons and cylinder walls with oil.
-The LS9 in the ZR1 Vette uses a specific block that is machined differently to enhance durability, the LSA is different than the LS9's block but is an upgrade over the "standard" GEN 4 6.2 aluminum block
-12mm headbolts vs 11 for the LSA and other GEN 4 engines(new GEN 5 LT1 uses 12mm headbolts exclusivley).
-LS9 runs forged titanium con rods, LSA runs powdered metal forgings
-LS9 runs forged pistons LSA runs cast hypereutectic (high silicon) pistons
-LS9 runs 2 smaller intercooler elements for Vette hood clearance while LSA --runs 1 single element
-both run a forged steel crank

If you look at the differences between these 2 OEM supercharged engines, it will give you indications of where you may need to pay extra attention during your own GEN 3/4 marine engine build. If you start boosting these GEN 4 L92/LS3 heads you can build a TON of power. Even in NA form, an GEN 3 LQ4/9 with GEN 4 L92/S3 heads or a GEN 4 LY6(truck engine with L92/S3 heads) has easily over 500hp potential. 550hp with attention to details.

Another cue to observe, is that when GM did the COPO Camaros, you could get a 2.9 or 4.0 displacement Whipplecharger on a 5.3 engine.
GM never offered a blown LS7. This block is at the high limit at 505hp stock. GM wanted the extra stiffness of the smaller 6.2l bore for the LS9 Corvette and 69 GEN 5 COPO Camaros.

We have to be careful using the LSx reference esp. when talking about blocks. Some people call the GEN 3 and GEN 4 engines LSx, but now Gm has their GEN3/4 iron racing block that they called the LSX block.

Many of the GEN 3 and GEN4 engines weren't actual LS engines. There were the truck engines which were LR4, LM7, LQ9, LY6 etc etc.

Good luck and keep us posted.

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