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swoodard23 12-29-2007 07:57 PM

Which vortec head is best?
Aluminum vortec head 200cc runners/64cc, 2.02/1.60
RHS, ProTorker Vortec Cast Iron Head, 170cc/64cc, Assembled
170cc/64cc, 2.02/1.60, Assembled, Pair

Both are the same price.

Going in a 1977 corvette (3400lbs) , auto(TH350), edelbrock performer intake, 2.5"ram horn exhaust manifolds with true dual exhaust (no cats), Q-jet, planning on mild/mod cam, rpms kept under 5500.

Which head is best for my application and why?



CNC BLOCKS NE 12-29-2007 10:02 PM

If your staying with 350 the RHS would be a good choice as the 200 runner heads may hurt the torque over the 170 runner heads.

Hogg 12-29-2007 10:45 PM

What about the 180cc Bowtie smallport Vortec head at around $800 a set?

Those Ebay heads dont flow better than stock Vortec 350 heads unil ovcer .500" lift


curtis73 12-30-2007 05:19 AM

How about other specs; compression, target use of the car, rear axle ratio, cam specs... Its pointless to recommend something unless we know everything about the car.

If you're really keeping it under 5500, then there is absolutely no reason for big-port heads. They'll kill low end and drivability. You can do a lot with stock iron vortecs. They exhibit tons of flow with small ports, meaning they will shine in both HP and low end drivability. They'll do really well in a 350 up to 5500 rpms without porting. With some porting and bigger valves, I've seen them lay down 600 hp in a 400. Add in the fact that they can be had for $350 a set rebuilt and I'd say they're a winner.

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