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Voting Starts Now, Art Contest 40 Ford Trucks And Up !!

Voting Starts Now, Art Contest 40 Ford Trucks And Up !!

Since this month, most of the country had been feeling the effects of snow and more, the idea of a “Ford Truck, Anything Goes 40 And Up” seemed to fit perfectly, we all need a truck in the weather we’ve seen, lol. The artists took their time out to build you one of the toughest lists of artwork to vote on. All have equally showed their talents in their respective forms and a newcomer Joel Nelson dropped in a hand drawn bomb on us to make it even more interesting. This should be one fine conglomeration of art that will have you viewing closely at their work. Some Artists Entered More Than One Image And Are Combined In The Vote For Them.

Please make sure you also view the artist’s large versions since we shrunk them for quicker loading as you view.

The voting starts now and will end in 5 days with the polls closing automatically and a winner honored with his choice of next months subject. We have a longer month ahead of us and spring is right around the corner so to the winner in advance, congratulations and everyone feel free to stop in and vote for your favorite’s style by the artists at

1: omega - Snowy Ford HDR

A welcome back to Omega with a very Cold feeling image of what we've had enough of this winter, a snowy ford pickup truck, the use of HDR is again still one of the most sought after forms of image manipulation using various exposures and merging them into one, or bracketing a shot. Once the digital negative since these are done mainly in Camera RAW format, you have infinite adjustments to create pieces of cool photo art like Omega has, his portfolio is outstanding.

Snowy Ford HDR

Click For Artists Larger Original Version

2: fortypickup - Wild Wicked Pro Drag Trucks

One of the most respected artists here at, forty pickup got a bone tossed to him this month, his passion for the trucks is awesome as is his illustrations of his own truck modified a bit to exaggerate just a little. Granted he owns one but doesn't mean he can create one, or can he??, the answer is a positive YES. These two images both represent extreme detail, shadows, gloss and perspective of the wild "Pro Modish" style images. The fact that forty has the best of both worlds now, comes as no shock in these great line art images.

Wild Wicked Pro Drag Truck "White"

Click For Artists Larger Original Version

Wild Wicked Pro Drag Truck "Black"

Click For Artists Larger Original Version

3: brickyardboy - Yellow Ford Out The Barn Door | Cab over Septic Cleaning

Brickyardboy again drops in a style of art that is far from the norm, many illustrators begin shying away from how they got started and mimicking others, a usual progression, not for brickyard. His images and there are two, are sinfully original with a painting that you can actually feel the wash of the paint and shadows even on the net, we'd love to see larger since the detail and touch is amazing. Another added image is wayyy out in left field using a 40 cab over as a start for a septic truck drawing, very interesting since brickyard isn't in the norm and his work is hand drawn or painted then put on the net, very interesting pieces !!

Yellow Ford Out The Barn Door

40 Cab over Septic Cleaning

4: f100 - Cartoon F100 Cruising
Who would have known that so many with these Ford trucks would have one plus be able to illustrate it too, member f100 took his own truck to the tablet and "tooned" it up. Had he not posted an image of the original truck he owns I would have just guessed he likes Blue 50's styles. Take a close look and you can see the likenesses of artists like Dave Deal and others from that era of Cartooning rides. It's an honor to his skills to be in the same ballpark IMO as guys like Deal and more

Cartoon F100 Cruising

5: 57Corvette 1: Hot Pickup Nights | 2: Boulevard Of Broken Dreams | 3: Gas Station Stop
Each moth, member 57 Corvette enters, each month his artwork is a force that people stop in just to see what he will come up with. Again, no let downs here a collection of three pieces of his branded style, clean, sharp, imaginative and more so original. Taking both photo and illustration into a different realm each time. His use of colors, backgrounds, detailed people and themes are surely made to his standard of high quality imagery. Taking close looks, you can see the effort involved in his clean cuts, reflections, and use of borders and scenery to create a full object of artistic imagination through computer generation. Be prepared to be wowed by these next images.

1: Hot Pickup Nights

Click For Artists Larger Original Version

2: Boulevard Of Broken Dreams

Click For Artists Larger Original Version

3: Gas Station Stop

Click For Artists Larger Original Version

6: Joel Nelson - 40 Golden Oldie Rendering

Welcome a newcomer Joel Nelson!, this is where it all starts, the classic rendering in markers and brush. Coming into this contest we've seen others similar but Joel's work is definitely par with the best out there. A very dynamic look laid down on paper, the rich colors was captured with the shine of the gold / bronze metal flakes somehow coming out almost photographic realistic, the strong look in the wheels and chrome show highlighting as his touch to make what we all recognized as the patented form of art done by hand and put on the net, a nice aspect, subtle hints of strokes all fulfill what is one of the sweetest works come to's art contest.

Click For Artists Larger Original Version

Have Fun Guys, And Enjoy !!

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