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Only Racing 01-26-2010 03:57 AM

Voting Starts Now, January's Hotrodders,com Art Contest 2010 "63 to 67 Chevy Nova's"
Starting off the New Year is always tough but the guys here really make it hard with competitions for artwork in the Art Contest 2010. This year we started out with the reliable "Shoebox Nova's from 63 to 67. A clean little deuce coupe for the guys to rip apart and put back together into a form of artwork, smooth, vectorize, draw, create and just do something cool with. The boys didn't let you down at all this first of the year.

Beginning with the first to last submissions, the artists had a short month after the holidays to get something done; the poll begins with the order of submissions for the 2010 Hotrodders Art Contest. Make Sure You Open The Artists Larger Image For A Better View The Link Is Below The Image

Voting Begins Now, and ends in five days when the polls close automatically and a winner is crowned, Good luck to all and for the members, stop in and vote, this is a fun contest and the efforts are worth a minute of your time. The winner choses the subject matter for February 2010.

The Entries For 63 to 67 Chevy Shoebox Nova's Hotrodders Art Contest 2010

1) Doodler: Shoebox Chevy Attitude
Man, talk about bringing something together that just flat out screams of line art talent, Doodler makes it happen with this entry. The creative distorted effect is one of his signature artwork styles we've seen, crisp lines, an amount of details that makes it "just right" and not overdone. Exceptional choices for colors and that wild look we all wish we could sit down and pencil out. Doodler’s submission is all attitude.

Shoebox Chevy Attitude

2) Brickyardboy: Chevy Vs Ford At The Go
All you need is a flagger for this one, the stoplight doesn't do it justice, Brickyard hands in a pencil sketch of the classic Chevy vs. Ford syndrome we’ve all been involved in at one time or another waiting for the green but in the earlier days a flag would have done good enough. Brickyards talent lies where many fear to go, straight to pencil and paper and out of computer reach, this is hand drawn skill with both cars and people involved making it even harder than most will care to admit.

Chevy Vs Ford At The Go

3) FortyPickup: Classic Chevy Muscle In Blue
Shades of vector bliss with this one, forty picks up the angle and view that shows the complete package of what the Chevy Shoebox was all about, Hard drawn strong lines, gradient colors and a masterful touch with the brightness and contrast of how a vector line art should be takes shape in this magnificent show of computer generated skill with programs we all fear to learn or try our hand at.

Classic Chevy Muscle In Blue

Click The Image Link Below For The Artists Larger Version;

4) Grafixman: Twin Turbo American Heat
Just looking at the image, Grafixxman gives you the feel of the power he is relaying in his artwork. Stunning details can be seen everywhere in this completely line drawn and colored piece of Chevy Shoebox horsepower unleashed. The Street Legal Nova style shows a wealth of detail only a closer look can see, inside the grill, the turbos are spinning, the tires are wrinkled setting the power to the track, and the stars and stripes set off the final picture with the seemingly unshadowed subliminal "shot" of the car powering out of the hole in burnout mode. Take a good look and feel the might Shoebox as you can almost see it move in front of your eyes.

Twin Turbo American Heat

5) 57 Corvette: Open Comp Shoebox Delivery
Since these contests started, 57 Corvette has been able to come up with some extra special forms of artwork, mostly in the realm of classics and early iron but not much in the ultimate drag racing arena until now. This time he hits the nail on the head in a moment captured digitally then remastered in 57's style that to this day still seems to be a mystery to many of us. The use of contrast, elements of brush techniques and a close eye on perspective rally's the call for originality. A couple of earlier attempts were thwarted from the wrong year and being the artist he is; in a blink, 57 pulled this one out and the power can be seen in the hard launch, bringing out the undercarriage details and adding just enough movement to fulfill the need for speed from this little Chevy wonder.

Open Comp Shoebox Delivery

Click The Image Link Below For The Artists Larger Version;

6) Only Racing: Shoebox Chevy On Steroids
One of my favorites of all time are the little Chevy's that could, this is a real car cut to peices and put back together then smeared, smoothed, chopped, dropped and distorted from an original image. This ones for you Ali and Craig.

Shoebox Chevy On Steroids

Click The Image Link Below For The Artists Larger Version;

Now Have Some Fun Guys And Remember, It's In The Eye Of The Beholder !!

eloc431962 01-26-2010 03:02 PM

Outstanding work as usual from everyone , It was hard but i made my choice.
Keep it up guy's. :thumbup:


454 Rattler 01-26-2010 06:18 PM

Even my dreams aren't as cool as these !!


Ford Junkie 01-29-2010 03:24 PM


Originally Posted by eloc431962
Outstanding work as usual from everyone , It was hard but i made my choice.
Keep it up guy's. :thumbup:


Yeah what he said!!!!!!! been out of town for 3 weeks, boy not seeing them come in 1 at a time makes it harder to study them all at once.. :D


geezer69 01-29-2010 06:14 PM

those are all verry cool . im not gona be able to choose one. to me their all winners. it amazes me how folks can do that kind of drawin. you folks are dang good artist. my hats off to you all. thanks for the chance to see em.

Only Racing 01-30-2010 01:59 PM

These guys amaze me and I've been fascinated by Car Art since I was a child. I will tell you that all are not or claiming to be "profesionals" most of the time, alot of the work is done quick for a contest.

I implore any of you to stop in and play, even if you simply trace smething and color it in, which is how I started and now do it in Photoshop, It's still art.

I hope that sooner or later we can expand on some things with genuine car fan tutorials on simple cutting out images with different tools and so on all the way to coloring and airbrushing to creating wheels at angles or perfect circles, Line art frames for say a dragster to street rod in many different programs reasonably available to all.

I had a tough time voting on one myself.

fortypickup 01-30-2010 10:05 PM

Mark you got my have been putting some great work in your recent art and I must say "Well done"! Keep it up man!

Only Racing 01-31-2010 09:26 PM

I didn't think I stood a chance this month, so many nice entries and all worthy of top grade artistic work and being a winner in this fun contest.

I hope all of you enjoy the new choise for this months contest subject matter found in this newest contest thread. Ford Truck Guys, rejoice !!

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