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Voting Starts Now, July's Hotrodders Art Contest "Chevelles"

Voting Starts Now, July's Hotrodders Art Contest "Chevelles"

The outcome of the anything goes Cuda Contest at Hotrodders was a tough one to choose for the members. The winner of the June Session of the contest "Only Racing" picked Chevelles Of Any Year and Style Including El - Camino's and Malibu's as the subject for July. Classic muscle was what the Chevelle stood for in itís hey day, being one of the kings with the LS6 and L78 option. Chevy long dissolved the real car from its original idea and now it simply is a thing of the past.

The artists this month chose to bring back some classics and customs that are just plain sic' in design.

Take a look t the artists work, have fun and choose an image or artist you prefer and add a vote this month. All deserve major props for getting something in while it's mainly vacation time for most.

Images Are in Order of Submissions, Some Have More Than One !! In their entries so please take a close look at who you vote for and all images submitted have been resized for quicker loading and a link has been placed below the smaller image to view the original memberís submission, some are much larger and details in smaller images become more evident in the large versions.

Voting begins on July 28th Midnight and runs for 5 days as the message board poll will close automatically. The winner of the contest will choose the next "Subject" of The Hotrodders Art Contest" for his efforts.

1: kenseth17 Chevelle Sketch Of His Own Car Back In the Day
Jumping in with some paper and pencils kenseth17 went back to his days of having a hot street car to mess around with, all of us have drawn up something we'd like to see our cars as finished and this one is pretty crazy even for its time.

kenseth17 Chevelle Sketch

2: Grafixxman And His Photoshop Driven Chevelle Illustrations Two Submissions
Talk about talent that just plain punches you in the face when you look at the immense detail and amount of work involved in creating masterpieces such as these it's inevitable that artists like these survive through the years and are exceptional at their trade and skills, a powerful presentation of Photoshop skills that are learned from years of design and flow with intense levels of color and brilliance that almost resembles a true photograph.

Grafixxman's Detroit Locker Chevelle Custom

Click The Link to View artistís larger original images

Grafixxman's Outlaw 10.5 Chevelle Wheelie

Click The Link to View artistís larger original images

3: BOWTIEKID's Chevelle Street Prowler Photo Manipulation
This young man has been waiting patiently for one of his favorite rides to come into play for a contest and his use of tool in photo manipulation techniques. Using the very well shot photo he included in his double barreled entries choosing both black and white plus a color version it comes to life in two stages.

BOWTIEKID's Chevelle Street Prowler Color

BOWTIEKID's Chevelle Street Prowler Black and White

4: fortypickupís Street Burner Chevelle Vector Illustration
Forty has been a champ here many times and though he chose to almost sit this one out, the contest ended and this one has to go in. Just opening up the picture you can almost hear the throaty rumble of a big block under the hood as it waits to go out on a cruise the deep color and shadow reflections concentrate your eyes on the level of accuracy in his dimensional look at vector illustrating.

fortypickupís Street Burner Chevelle

Click The Link to View artistís larger original images

5: 57 Corvette's Rumble in Bowtie Land Photo Manipulations
Also a collective winner in this contest 57 Corvette uses many varieties of artistic photos to begin and manipulates them until you can't tell if it's art or if it's real. Glossy reflections, deep grounds of dense colors and mirror imaging, a tough one to get right in many cases when an image is on an angle like most of his are. His work represents many types of dodging, and burning layers plus cutouts that are so seamless you barely notice how much effort goes into this part of his work. 57 has entered three versions combined into one vote, pick your bowtie poison at will.
Image 1 of 3:
57 Corvettes Gasser Chevelle

Click The Link to View artistís larger original images

Image 2 of 3:
57 Corvettes Bad Street Machine

Click The Link to View artistís larger original images

Image 3 of 3:
57 Corvettes Flaming El Camino

Click The Link to View artistís larger original images

6: pigjamelectric Archieís Chevelle Illustration, Betty and Veronica Are There Too.
Earlier in the contest thread pigjamelectric got a little help from a member here "Rambo The Dog" for the use of his photo to outline the car from as so many would do for others to allow him to enter and compete with his own style we've seen before. Adding in hot cartoon girls helps, but really it shows the dedication of wanting something special to come out of your time and make a clean piece of artwork for others to enjoy, its cool work so enjoy guys.

pigjamelectric Archieís Chevelle

Click The Link to View artistís larger original images

7: Only Racings Outlaw 10.5 Chevelle "Drag Toon"
I caught a break last month and dropped in my junk for this one, a blend of photos and illustration of good friends Outlaw 10.5 Chevelle.

Only Racings Outlaw 10.5 Chevelle "Drag Toon"

Click The Link to View artistís larger original images

8: Doodlers Muscle Machine Chevelle, Wild Ride Illustration
This Dood, lol keeps banging out awesomely cool illustrations with the devious manipulations of the real lines of the car yet so distorted and warped you know it's a Chevelle and want to pull it off the screen and hand it to your kid to play with. Many artists have gotten a huge break like the original master of die cast Rohan Day and his Hot wheels collaborations to probably make him a fortune, Doodler also has the same caricature studies to pull off something along these lines.

Doodlers Muscle Machine Chevelle

Take time to drop in a vote and choose what you like best, this is fun and games, all voters are welcome to sit in on this and see the outcome. Enjoy !!

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