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Originally Posted by 123pugsy
I would cut right around it and butt weld it in about 3/8 - 1/2" from the bend.
You would have to trim it down a bit first.
me and butt welding dont get along

Originally Posted by 123pugsy
I would also butt weld the little triangles but would do those first.
however, I will do this

Originally Posted by MARTINSR
The one tip I would give is screw it tight all over, welding up the screw holes is a breeze.

But the big tip would be to weld small tacks just a quarter inch or so with a hot setting.

I will weld something like that with a pretty hot weld, that way you make a QUICK weld and not heat up the surrounding metal much.
Cut off the wire with EVERY SINGLE weld so you have a nice sharp wire to hit the metal and start and arc
that with a hot setting on the welder and you can make a super quick, penetrating weld.

Skip all over while welding in this firewall. Make a short 1/4" weld over on the right side, then on the left, then up on the middle upper.

Then WALK AWAY and work on something else to let it cool. It will NOT cool if you sit there and stare at it.

WALK AWAY after a few welds and leave it the heck alone to cool on it's own.
When you can come back and place your hand on the weld and it's no warmer than the metal where you haven't welded
you can make three or four more welds, again, WELL SPACED, one side to the other, then walk away and let it cool on it's own.

you want to take ALL DAY or more welding that firewall.

I am not kidding, welding that in should take ALL DAY LONG.
But of course you are going to be working on something else while you let the welds cool so you will get a lot done today.

If you weld it in like this you are likely to have very, very little warpage to that every easy to warp flat firewall.

If you don't do it like this and weld long welds and cool them with rags and crap like that you will have a warped mess that will require a bunch of bondo work to make look presentable.

O.K. lets see if I got this

1) I'm thinking I will trim it so it is about 1/4" in/down, from the roll/beveled edge of the body line

2) screw it down tight and if I need to I can use a hammer to tighten up the gap before/as I weld

I pretty much knew both of those (steps 1 & 2) just double checking

and to clarify #3)

3) .... I can do very short , hot welds? (cooling in between)
I dont have to do endless tack welds? like when I put on my lower front repair panels?

4) grind, smooth and pretty when done welding
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