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m-hauler 07-15-2003 11:09 PM

waste management
Is it possible to get the bog out of a two four high rise manifold, to make it street drivable, or do I give it to Waste Management?:confused:

DoubleVision 07-16-2003 02:26 AM

maybe, depending on cam, and carb size as the rest of your combo. to make it more responsive you could go with dual 390 holley`s, a open plane intake is drawing off the entire mass under the carb, so fewer total cfm is acceptable. as i said, depending on the rest of the combo will dictate the rest.

gt2betubbed 07-16-2003 08:18 AM

I would go with vacuum secondaries also. Sorry if 390's only come in vacuums, I've never seen one...

m-hauler 07-16-2003 08:51 AM

It's on a 454, cam is 286 intake, 296 exhaust. I think it would be considered a 3/4, MSD ignition, rest is mostly stock, 450 Hollys.

Hollywooding 07-16-2003 10:38 AM

isnt that a bit much on the duration? most of those kinda cams are for 2000 -6500 apps i thought?

that's where i would look.

Hollywooding :cool:

m-hauler 07-16-2003 11:40 AM

This is what was in when I got it. Where should I be?

Hollywooding 07-16-2003 12:50 PM

I'm not a cam afficionado or any cam guy. However for a street app. most don't go past 280 to maintain streetability. After all your not running at full throttle all the time. comp cams makes a pretty good listing of different styles of cam. even switching to one of those 280's would probly help you out.

That is of course provided you have eliminated all of the obvious first (carb, timing, fuel filter, wires, plugs, etc.).

My two cents
Hollywooding :cool:

m-hauler 07-17-2003 09:24 PM

I know zip about cams........two cents is a lot when your broke. Thanks for info.

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