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Originally Posted by brian0605
The problem here is all the tree huggers want us to save the world and all it's pit falls. Blame our cars for global warming,sit around holding hands hugging trees, eating bean sprouts and tree bark, and telling us how horrible we are for eating a nice 16 oz t-bone occasionally. The fact of the matter is that I have used the "safe" water based solvent. We used to have it in the portable wash vat that we cleaned up brake parts and wheel ends when repairing axle seal leaks. It worked quite well and was water based. Was made by Safety Kleen. And as far as all our tree huggin buddies, what are they gonna do when they shutdown all the 18 wheelers because they have driven the cost to make the fuel thru the roof or they start trying to shut them down saying they just pollute to much, economic crash and starvation due to no products able to make it to the market place or the cost to build these new trucks is through the roof so it cost a fortune to get it there.Sorry to get on a soap box I'll do a thread on that someday. Brian

Where did this come from?

Since you brought it up, we do have to start using our heads as far the environment goes - right across the board. I can't stand the thought of what is going to be left for our kids. Its not about tree hugging, more like a responsibility. The reason we haven't had any snow (here) this year is not because of a natural warming trend or cycle. We need to wake up. No global warming or acid rain??? B.S. I can see it with my two eyes. Gin clear lakes and no snow. evidence enough.

The archaic thinking "that its too late, we've always done that, or its someone else's fault or problem" needs to be changed. It doesn't start with our starts with us.

Sure we can't implement tons of changes in industry overnight. The steps should be bigger and closer together...and yes it's gonna cost money. Cheaper to clean it up now than pay later.