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Originally Posted by Gearhead forever

Where did this come from?

Since you brought it up, we do have to start using our heads as far the environment goes - right across the board. I can't stand the thought of what is going to be left for our kids. Its not about tree hugging, more like a responsibility. The reason we haven't had any snow (here) this year is not because of a natural warming trend or cycle. We need to wake up. No global warming or acid rain??? B.S. I can see it with my two eyes. Gin clear lakes and no snow. evidence enough.

The archaic thinking "that its too late, we've always done that, or its someone else's fault or problem" needs to be changed. It doesn't start with our starts with us.

Sure we can't implement tons of changes in industry overnight. The steps should be bigger and closer together...and yes it's gonna cost money. Cheaper to clean it up now than pay later.
Weather patterns change, you may not have snow this year, but I got hit hard! And What about the 3000 mile long ice storm that just hit?

Not to get into a political diatribe about global warming but Yes, I believe it's true - but I'll gaurantee warming trends have happened before in the earths history, and unless the rest of the planet joins in any of the TRILLIONS of dollars that we spend will be useless.

Besides the fact that just 1 natural disaster such as a major Volcanic eruption spews more toxic materials than all the people the world over and would fix all the warming problems by cooling the earth off!

And I'll just say one more thing, remember the Tsunami in 04? It's was so powerful it knocked the Earth from its axis by 1 degree, so a lot of the changing weather patterns, such as Western Washington actully getting snow this year, were probably forced by that rather then Global Warming...oohhhhh!