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daimon1054 11-01-2003 05:01 PM

Water-Borne Paint Finishes
For Auto Manufactures such as Daimler/Chrysler Corporation, General Motors and BMW, the advantages for moving to water borne finishes are aimed at reducing VOC emissions during application, waterborne coatings also reduce risk of fire, are easier to clean up (creating less hazardous residues) and result in reduced worker exposure to organic vapors.

I saw this and started wondering how in the world you would know what finish you had?
Also any Pro's and Con's

302 Z28 11-01-2003 05:24 PM

From what I have seen on my late model GM cars, the paint seems durable, but time will tell. I had one experience with a water based paint while painting a radio control airplane. This was a true cross linked water based paint, not a latex paint. I did not like it worth a flip, both from the application and finished product.


Mirror Image 11-03-2003 07:04 PM

You can take your vin number to a local auto paint store and they should be able to tell you

Blowing on Flames 11-04-2003 09:23 PM

Waterborne paint are becoming very common. Although this technology is quite old, the push to reduce VOC's and hazardous waste has the chemists scrambling to produce better products.
The East and West coasts have seen alot of this already. That also includes specific regulations on application equipment. I have been testing waterborne almost 5 years for two of the big boys in the states with pretty good luck. The major problems with waterborne are booth setup, application equipment and climate.
Booth setup is pretty basic... with waterborne, you don't need to worry so much about heat as you do with air movement over the panels. Application equipment is simple. CLIMATE is the killer..... If you have a shop that requires you to move the vehicle outside to get it to a different part of the shop for finish work.., you could have a mess on your hands.... Here in Minnesota it gets pretty
(BBrrrrrrrrrrrr) cold in the winter. The cold affects everyone that touches it........The freight hauler, the jobber and the re-finisher.
When it freezes it never seems to be the same.
As for the quality of the finish... Its nice. I receive new factory painted parts to abuse by repairing defects like dents and scratches to test repairability and I can tell you the colors are so much more brilliant and clean looking and the finish is very flat and durable (so far)............WOW CAN I RAMBLE ON........SORRY....


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