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It wasn't atomized properly and is full of solvents. This is caused by "bombing" it on to make it "flow". I will preach and preach about this. You just can't expect a product that is applied real heavy to cure and flash properly.

That being said for everyone else Now, your problem. It is hard to say how easy this clear is to cut and buff now after a few months. You would want to take a panel at a time or even a section of a panel to see if you can do it. Many times the clear gets too hard after this long and buffing can be a real bear.

But if you were to cut it with some fine paper, 1500 or 2000 and let it breath like that for a few days then buff it you can probably save it. Even if you recut and buffed it without the wait it may work because it has shrank down. But my concern would be that the solvent still didn't get out, it just softened the film, and maybe the film under that as in paint and primer. If it shrank that much, I would say a good thing would be to "open it up" with the 2000 and let it breath.

When I was a rep for NAPA M-S the most extreme case of this I have ever seen was a guy who painted a Mustang convert. This was at a prison, it was painted by a "resident" of the prison for a commanding officer. Needless to say he wanted it right. Well first off, he used too slow of reducer in the color, then he bombed on the clear (NAPA M-S clear) so much that it had foggy stripes. Now, this clear was REAL hard to run so he really could pour some on,and he did. So, he color sanded it the next day and painted and cleared again. Again, it had the foggy stripes. Now,mind you, I had never seen anyone apply enough of this clear to get those stripes, he was REALLY bombing it on. So then, he sanded the thing and I came by to correct the problem.

When I got there he had already sprayed the base I showed him how to shoot the clear, everything was cool. One problem, I didn't now he had applied so much material. And, I didn't know he had used the super slow reducer in the color. Well, he buffed it after a few days and it shrank. After he called me and I learned of all the material I told him just what I have told you. He totally sanded it with 2000 and set it outside. The darn thing was still soft a week later! You could stick your fingernail into it! And this was in about 100 degree weather.

SOOOO, he left it for a couple more weeks, it finally hardened up and he buffed it. I saw it months later and it still looked good. But I sure wouldn't put much of a warrantee on that one!
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