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Originally Posted by painted jester View Post
Are you running a 30 cc pump with the pink cam ? Or a 50 cc!

Installing a pump cam is a simple matter of loosening one screw, placing the new pump cam next to the throttle lever, and tightening it up. There are two or three numbered holes in each pump cam. Placing the screw in position number 1 activates the accelerator pump a little early,allowing full use of the pump's capacity. Generally, vehicles that normally run at lower idle speeds (600 or 700 rpm) find this position more useful because they can have a good pump shot available coming right off this relatively low idle. Positions number 2 or 3 delay the pump action, relatively speaking. These two cam positions are good for engine's that idle at 1,000 rpm or above. Repositioning the cam compensates for the extra throttle rotation required to maintain the relatively higher idle setting. Pump-arm adjustment and clearance should be checked and verified each and every time the pump cam or pump-camposition is changed.

To set clearance: This tip is critical. Adjust the accelerator pump linkage with zero clearance so as soon as the rear throttle plate is opened, the accelerator pump arm also moves to push fuel out of the squirter. Adjust the pump cam arm to ensure that this system pumps fuel the moment the throttle moves. And the pink cam may be off for your set up! You may need a brown or ETC,ETC, and make sure the squirter nozzles are both squirting with no restrictions!

I got the 30cc in front and a 50cc in the back. Soon as it stops raining I'm gonna go out and double check the clearance and whatnot on the rear. I think I might have installed the brown cam on the 50cc secondary pump incorrectly. I'll post back with what I find.
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