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Hold your head up

Have you tried restabbing your distributor? somthings off cause I dont believe your actually running those numbers. You said you got it running by ear right? So it must have been sounding normal, then you checked and it was off right? well I dont think it would ever sound normal at 60.

So, here is what we can assume.
Either your distributor, balancer, TDC, timing light,...
thats about it. One of those isnt right. I know its a bummer to continue to do things over and over but since its not right you have no choice.
Just try going at it on a fresh day, and re-stab your distributor. This has to be perfect and there is a ton of videos on you tube showing tricks and common issues. double check everything make sure the clamp that is attached to the number one wire from the timing light is facing the right direction. make sure the vacuum advance is plugged at both ends. make sure you are using the correct timing tabs, I know this has been stated already but you would get a 60 reading at the 2 oclock spot if you were really needing to be at 12 oclock. (maybe). Most likely its not running at 60 and the numbers your getting are incorrect. which is a bummer but better than having an engine running at 60 advanced.

Ive seen guys put heavier springs in the distributor when checking initial just so they know they are not getting a false reading cause by mechanical advance showing face while its idling. Then put lighter springs back in so you know its opening all in by 3000. I actually use one med. and one light in the final product. just seems to work good for my set up. I also have vacuum advance and after reading all kinds of stuff online about how its a must in street driven vehicles, I took some advice and plugged it for driving and it accelerates much better and now never exceeds 34 degrees. Even sounds better when accelerating.

Hopefully, this msg will get your spirits up a lil, I know how frustrating it can be. Hell, I bet we all have been there one time or another so we want nothing more than to help. Im no pro either, just this last year I have been through this many times, and I continually resort back to these forums or you tube for help.
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