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Originally Posted by ogre View Post
there is no weldable metal on a standard vehicle over 10 gauge
110v machines are fully capable of welding 10 gauge in a single pass
i welded my whole truck frame and lots of the sheetmetal with a 110v fluxcore machine
i bought 110v for portability, i've had it on ladders and in a basket on a forklift
you can't beat fluxcore for welding outside.
i've had my lincoln weldpac 100 for 14 yrs and have never had to run out to fill an argon tank

that said... a 220v mig will be more versatile for more metals and methods
most welders have 4 to 6 heat selections and infinite wire speed
i prefer lincoln, miller and hobart, in no particular order.
but lately have heard a lot of good reviews on the eastwood brand welders

stick works well if you have an arc welder available, but i would not buy one unless you have a specific purpose, same goes for tig
welding is all about heat, puddle control and penetration.
once you master those all welding is pretty much the same
I agree with much of what your saying, however, a lot depends on what type of welder the person has, not all 110 MIG's are created equal. I've used a 110 MIG to try and weld 12 gauge, it should have handled a task as light as that....I had to bring my 110 MIG (220 wasn't available) to the site and weld the worked fine.

The other thing, and please take this in the spirit that it is meant, the OP is new to welding, to say that a 110 MIG may be able to weld any 10 gauge metal on a standard vehicle is a fairly broad statement...We don't know what type of frame he is trying to weld. Some heavier duty frames aren't 10 gauge they can run up to 3/16 of an inch whereas 10 gauge is about 1/8th inch. Is that a standard vehicle, I don't know what the OP would consider standard. That being said, an experienced welder may be able to properly bevel the edges and make this work with an efficient 110 MIG, I prefer to err, if I am, on the side of caution as we don't know exactly what the OP is intending to weld, other than go kart frames and even then, what gauge of metal is being used on those frames.

Perhaps a better question would be, how thick a piece of metal can be welded with a 110 MIG, then we would be able to refer back to different manufacturers and get the answers as to their specifications. The OP should also understand that these specifications would be with an experienced welder

Hope you understand where I'm coming from Ogre, not trying to disagree, just to further explain.

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