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Originally Posted by Sean's
Yeah I bought my Hood At Harbour Freight . Paid 650 On my Lincoln + the Bottle Small Argon Co2 Mix rann 100 Buck's ! Your Lincoln Can Weld with Flux Wire and or Argon Mix Gas in a Bottle Reverse Polarity you can run Flux wire with out the Argon Bottle I Prefer the Argon Mix with .06mm Wire and or .08mm Wire Untill Metal Get's Thicker than 1/4 in or 3//16's is about where Penetration needs Flux Wire welding . My welder I run on 220 amp's << You need too check where and how your Gonna set Up 110 Or 220 Out lett Cause may Require a 220 Breaker And Wireing And Not Sure on this But Even the Lincoln Set upp on 110 Amp's I Think Requires A Single Circuit Breaker on 8 Gauge wire with a 20 amp breaker ! << Meaning Nothin can runn on the 110 Breaker Except the Welder and it has too come off a 20 amp breaker and wire gauge needs too be big enough too handle the 20 amp breaker and 20 amp out lett . So I urge you afore Buying the Welder that You Look at your Breaker Box and Determine if your sett up for running a welder and or what your willing too do or go thru too sett up the electric on your welder . <<< almost same deal as an Air Compressor ! So what ever Building Garage Etc Your setting up too weld in or do work in needs Some investigateing intoo ! Preferably before you purchase the Welder and or Air Compressor . As my Welder is sett up in my Dad's Garage . Wich he had wired for a 220 amp welder when he built the house ! But He Put Plug in on the Back Wall <<< Means I got a 15 ft extension Cord Too Welder So I can reach out front of the Garage . Extension Cord Rann me another 120 Buck's Built it My self with Wire From Home Depo About as Big around As your Thumb or Bigger and a Box Plugg In Of Proper Gauge wire . But reall screw up was the 110 Amp Compressor All outletts in the Garage were runn off 15 Amp Out letts and or breaker ! Luckily I traced Wire From the Fuse Box and Determined it was of a Large enought Gauge wire too Runn a 20 Amp Breaker . << Means I got Lucky and wire was of Large enough grade wire I could Runn a 20 Amp breaker and out lett For the Compressor ! << Sounds Complicated ! But it's Not ! Start At Breaker Box Make freinds with Guy at your Local Hardware Store . Investigate what you need then determine if your Gonna go 110 Amp's and or 220 Amp's And How your Gonna do your Compressor . << Will need 2 Seperate wires and 20 amp breakers on single seperate out letts . Other wise every time you turn the lights on the Welder and or Compressor Etc Or any thing else plugged in on there circuit will trip the breaker ! <<< Hope this help's gett ya pointed in right Direction too makin a Good Viable Descision on your Purchase ! Safety Glasses <<< Gonna need um and Suggest you wear them ! Im Currently Sufferin an Eye Injury ! Again ! 25+ years of metal workin ! Cant take it back ! once it happens ! Hurts reall badd ! And like any thing no matter how safe you are ? After 25+ years of daily metal fabricateing and welding it's bound too bite you a few times . << Only takes gettin bitt once, and it's not worth it ! Be Safe ! Shopp around ! Investigate ! Ask lotts of stupid question's ! Now I gotta take a Vicodan and a Napp, my eye hurts . Merry Xmass. Hope your's is Better than Mine ! Safety , Safety, Safety ! Big Ouch ! Lott's Of Anger ! And Regrett ! Sean

I believe you are talking about 110 volts and 220 volts, not amps? I believe you might be a little mixed up.

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