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Black, I was fully expecting that from someone and I knew I was opening a can of worms, as the old saying goes. First I am not a backyard welder I have been a certified welder in the mining industry for over 35 years (retired) and I have spent this time maintaining and repairing the largest earth moving equipment in the world. I have worked on equipment from Marion Power Shovel, Bucyus Erie, P&H and Lima to name a few. This is some of the most demanding repair work in the industry and I can assure you that with the exception of a few controlled applications such as tub structure and the like you will rarely find flux core used in critical situations even though it would have major advantages in time savings on a major repair. Ductility is only part of the equation and welding something like suspension components with a 115 volt wire feeder using flux core wire is just asking for trouble. There is a huge difference between welding in a controlled environment where each joint is engineered and layed out before the process begins (Where something like flux core is strong enough and more strength is not needed) and trying to do a field repair or modification such as the auto suspension we are talking about here where strength could be critical. Even the earth moving equipment I mentioned, just as the equipment you worked on, used flux core extensively in the construction and final assembly of pre-finished components. Again this is a well engineered situation just as is the ski lift you mentioned with the short comings of the flux core taken into account. As I said earlier I have spent literally a life time dealing with this stuff because most of our work was outdoors which severely limited the use of MIG (duel-shield) and stick is slow so we used flux core where practical but NEVER in a critical weld! We could go on forever debating the pros and cons but the easiest way to make up one's mind about which to use is to do an HONEST side by side comparison test. I have seen and done this many times when trying to improve the weld quality of the flux core by using different prep methods and procedures, some recommended by welding engineers, and nothing we could do would bring the weld quality up to the standards of Duel-shield or stick in a real world test and this was from certified highly experienced welders! You have a good point and I agree there is a place for flux core but it is not for a critical unengineered(is that a word )weld since inch for inch the strength is not comparable to a properly done MIG or stick weld.

Weirdbeard, I did not mean any offense but I have burned literally miles of this stuff along with years of using duel-shield and stick in just about every welding situation one could imagine and I am all too familiar with the short comings of flux core and the problems it can cause, that is why I would never recommend it for something like suspension components or frame work.
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