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I am curious. at what point does the lawsuit become "frivilous"? is it the "claim" or is it the dollar amount?

If my 81 year old grandma (point of fact the woman involved in the hot coffe incident was 81) slips and falls at mc donalds because they mopped the floor and didnt put out the sign, is that my grandma's fault? I dont think it is. Is it an accident? Yes, but my grandma is 81, so theres a good chance she injured her self. Is my grandma entitled to millions? no, but does she deserve to have her bills covered? YI think so.

Now lets say for a minute that the "finger chili" was real. Is that woman entitled to something? I mean, you bite into chili and get a human finger, thats messed up. sure it was probably an accident. If that happened to you, what would you ask for?

I cant say that sueing a big corporation is automatically frivilous. How about people on amusment park rides, that get killed? Like the ones a few years back that got killed by the pirate ship at disney land. Do you give up you rights to saftey by buying aticket? THese poorly trained teenagers caused these deaths (and their own too.) but doesnt disney land own some of the responsibility? is it frivilous to ask for millions of dollars over the loss of a loved one? how do you value a human life?
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