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Rant time !!! (or Tantrum, depending on how you look at it.....)

Exactly! How do you establish a dollar amount for someone thats not here anymore? Is a million enough? How about a Billion? Its BLOOD MONEY, demanded by the leacherous scum of the earth, with the "I'll teach you!!" mentality. Just one more thing to add to the cost of goods. "The Loser Lottery". grrrrrr No respect for the life lost. Just give me money!

We need to be cognizant of one reality. "Its always someone elses fault." McDonalds mopped the floors. You ask too much of me to LOOK AT WHERE I'M WALKING!! The coffee is too hot. DUhhhhh, lets be sure to put a coffee between our legs and have jr. take off like a *******. But why not use a DRINKHOLDER??? Who's fault is that? McD should countersue for lost revenue.

We need to go back to looking at things RATIONALLY! Is it malicious? If so, BURN EM! Is it done to screw the public? Burn em. Is it some dip*&^% that just learned how to do his job? OK. Do you burn the employer? Or the Employee? Obviously, you go after who has more cash, even though the kid didn't do as he is told. STUPID. Its the jerks that file these lawsuits, that I want to wring their necks. Buy a ATV. No less than 15 separate WARNING stickers.

What happens to being RESPONSIBLE FOR YOURSELF? Its outdated. There's no money in it for the vultures. (Lawyers)
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