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I agree, that you are responsible for yourself. We use the term "accidentl" loosely because to some people accident means "cash pay out".

In my example I sited an 81 year old women. Old people tend to have weaker vision, some are already a "little" slower than younger people. it only takes a few drops to slip and fall on water. Lets say grandma has fallen down at Been Aways Burgers because the floor was wet. Why are they mopping the floors during hours? why not sweep? Are you gonna tell grandma to F* off because she had an accident in your store?

If I run a red light and smash into your car, killing your wife and kids. Are you gonna let it go when I say, "your wife should have seen I was drunk driving and avoided me" or "everyone in town knows I am a bad driver, so you wife should have not been on the road that day". Sorry about your kids, but now that they are dead, so they arent worth anything..I mean thats what it "seems" like you are saying. (no offense intended)

I am not FOR frivilous lawsuits. I just wanna know where the line is drawn. If an employee cuts off his finger into chili and doesnt say anything, yeah maybe thats his fault. but if a finger gets in to the "chili" at the "factory" and it ends up in my plate, it is the Companies fault. after all theres a price that comes with having your name on the door. Yeah there is a small percentage of people out to screw the BIG corporations, but what about legitimate accidents? what about CORPORATE responsibilty?
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