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Originally Posted by tech69 View Post
you want real wood pads and a dedicated pad system for what you're using. Even wiping with a micro fiber can create swirls on black. So even for something as minor as wiping it with a towel, I'll count my passes so I know it's roughly done so I wipe less. never let compound dry on your car, pads clean and conditioned properly, and the right pressure and rpm. Even your hands...nothing can touch any part of the pad, car, towel. You have to be really anal about it. A good light will help locate dry areas that need buffing. As the compoud dries you want less pressure. When you're doing final passes you want so little pressure you're holding it up and barely touching. The biggest key for me is to be as thorough as can be with the wool, and to then go back over it with compound on foam. If you do those two steps very thoroughly then it's a cakewalk, in my opinion. Before you go to polish wash the car with Dawn to get off any polymers/afro sheen to reveal anything you missed and go back over it. Wash again and polish. You should also have dedicated microfibers for compound and polish and kept in clean zip locks.

As for me, I'm a dirty body tech but I can buff like a champ. The car and pads will be clean but my shirt will be full of compound.
--- Wool pads in my opinion would be way too aggressive for the little amount of sanding i do. I might own heavy duty compound that good to 1200g i think it said... but i never use it.

I stated earlier, 1500 is the lowest i have to go. When sanding is done, it's not for orange peel or runs, its 90% of the time just dust. I totally agree though with being meticulous... which i am. I also do wash the car with dawn soap after compounding and after the polishing step. Cross contamination is no good :/

I did some research on the buff and shine pads that my local brick and mortar store carries... and nothing but good reviews on meguiars website.

If someone has a pad part # with the corresponding compound material used... please list what you use.
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