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Red face Wetsanding Clear and Metal Flake on Edge

Ok no Real mess here just very rusty and want to do this right.

I have a 1971 Chevy Nova. I painted it with PPG Radiance Super Custom Base Wine Berry Red Translucent Base over PPG Delton 2000 Pure Gold Base. The Bases had the standard DX57 added to Yield high bond in the bases, and avoid reaction within the two bases. Then I cleared, 3 times with 3 quarts Dupont 7800S Chroma Clear High Glamor each coat. I continued to blend Wineberry reduced @ 125% to areas which appeared to light or in need of blending. Both blends done after the first and second coat of clear. Then I applied the third coat of clear and allowed it to cure. So what are my problems? These items:

1) I wetsanded the clear at 400 grit between the first and second coat of clear.

2) Apparently Metal flakes in the pure gold stood up on edge, in many places throughout the finish. This caused a Fisheye like effect in the clear, however I was able to build the clear to the tune of 2.5 Gals. The spots of on edge metalic flake are properly colored. Will this be overly noticable after the car is wetsanded and Buffed? If so, is there anyway to get another clear coat to lay over and fill these locations a Clear sealer perhaps that won't ruin my base work.
3) I have been testing, the wetsanding process prior to buff, on the deck lid only. I'm using 2000, and 2500 respectivley. It seems no matter how clean I keep the Water, block, Paper I keep getting occational deep scratches. Let me Qualify, The kind if buffing by hand, with Dupont Finesse-it you could remove in million years. However you can get it out with Perfect-it III but not without massive effort ie. 3-4 attempts by hand.
4) I'm concerned that I might burn through the clear with a buffer (because I'm an amature with a buffer) I have the proper Pads 3M (Perfect It Foam compounding and Polishing pads) 6" with a 3M hook-it DA setup. I have attempted to use the Compounding pad with my DA at very low speed and Perfect-It III. I have had mixed results, including swirl scratches from the compund itself.
5) So now what? should I send it out to get done professionally or will the Metal flake be a issue which won't justify the expense of Buffing?

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