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badknuckles 03-28-2004 04:45 PM

what cam brand do you prefer?
its an engine question.

i know there are more cam manufacturers but thats what i listed.

stepside454 03-28-2004 04:56 PM

Cant pick any one brand, I have and do use all differant brands, depends on whoever has the best grind for whatever application. John

Frisco 03-28-2004 04:59 PM

Comp Cams.

I have used the XE268H .477/.480 in a well used 350 and it ran very well and pulled strong. Largest cam that can be used with a stock torque converter.

I am running a 280H Magnum .480/.480 in my current 350. I use a TCI Saturday Night Special (advertised stall is 1800-2100 RPM). Very strong in all RPM ranges.

I also used the Comp Cam 'Kit' (timing chain & sprockets, lifters, springs and retainers & pushrods) with the XE 268H.

Installation was very easy. Break-in went very well. No problems.

I have not used any other manufacturers product to compare with.

Rear gears are 3.80-1 with 28" diameter rear tires. Trans is a rebuilt 350th with a B&M Transpak (Street version).

badknuckles 03-28-2004 04:59 PM

i agree but i am sure that alot of people stay true to one brand.

87442lover 03-28-2004 05:48 PM

Summit, as long as they are $60.00 I could go through 2 of them before I pay comps prices:P

badknuckles 03-28-2004 05:50 PM

can't disagree there.
hell comp probably makes summit's cam's anyway.

poncho62 03-28-2004 07:50 PM

Whoever has the neatest looking sticker in the box..........................

oldschoolrods 03-28-2004 07:51 PM


Originally posted by poncho62
Whoever has the neatest looking sticker in the box..........................
im with ponch stickers rule! :evil:

badknuckles 03-28-2004 07:53 PM

so apparantly you guys run beast cam's??

Carbed95GT 03-28-2004 09:20 PM

Of the ones you listed, I'd say Lunati. I had pretty good luck with a 1087 in my 347.

OddRodder 03-28-2004 11:12 PM

I used to swear by Chet Herbert Cams! Shucks, one time I called old Chet up and he told me he'd personally grind a cam for my old 440 Road Runner!! That was one sweet (reground) cam! Don't get to hung up on cam brands these days! Even white box cams come from the same manufacturers, just ask Bobcrman!

I always thought the Blue Racer cams had the best stickers!!

87442lover 03-29-2004 06:44 AM


Originally posted by poncho62
Whoever has the neatest looking sticker in the box..........................
Hey if you like stickers, Total Seal gives you the cool stickers AND a little mint candy(says total seal on it!). I havent had the heart to eat the candy yet, plus at $140.00 for a single piece I think I'll wait :thumbup: hehehe...

machine shop tom 03-29-2004 07:39 AM

If the engine is going to make some serious horsepower, we go with Comp Cams cause they have a good selection, are good products and we get enough of a discount through our warehouse to make a small profit. If it's a budget build, we sell the Melling or Clevite brand of generic cams, the same as Summit and others. We get a real good deal on those and can compete with the mail order houses on price.

OddRodder 03-29-2004 07:46 AM

My speedway motors (white box) cam says "we recommend Isky Rev Lube for this camshaft" on the cam card! Gee, I wonder who manufactured that cam?:D

brainsboy 03-29-2004 10:08 AM

Summit cams are made by Crane.

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