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hotrodf1 09-22-2007 01:48 PM

What cam specs work well with centrifugal Superchargers?
Hey all,

I just bought a Vortech V-1 S trim centrifugal head unit, and I plan on boosting my 406 SBC in the camaro via blow thru carb setup at about 5psi for now. Maybe add an intercooler later. The blower is maybe a touch on the smaller side, but I got it for a nice price and I think it will work for what I'm trying to accomplish, which is about 650HP or so at the crank (blower is good to 680HP or so)

I have the goods for a hydraulic roller cam, but I need a new cam to go with the blower combo.

THe motor is a 9.9:1 SBC, Dart Pro1 230cc heads, 1 3/4 headers, single plane intake, 750 mighty demon, T-56 trans, 4.86:1 gears, 28" tires.

So, what kind of cam would work well for this? I was doing some reading, and it seems that a cam for a positive displacement blower should have less overlap than an ideal cam for a NA motor (NA - 108 LSA, blower = 112 or 114 LSA). But, then they said that the cam for a centrifugal would be more like a NA motor, since boost doesn't come in until a higher RPM. So you would use a LSA thats tighter than that for a positive displacement blower.

That makes me think that the same basic cam used on a NA motor, would probably work pretty decent in a centifugally supercharged motor.

Anybody have any good thoughts on this?

ENgine simulator 3.2 is telling me a 222 / 252 cam, 110LSA , on a 108 ICL would give 680 HP at 5.0 psi on the top end at 6000, and 640 ftlbs otrque at 5000.

Would that large of a difference between intake and exhaust duration work very well, or is the program flawed in its "thinking."??

hotrodf1 09-22-2007 04:21 PM


Originally Posted by F-BIRD'88
Something like this Crane Hyd roller Will work well.

A water/methanol injection system will allow more boost, timing and power on pump gas Snow Injection
Ya need to get friendly with one.

I have looked at that cam before. It does look like it would work well.

Yeah, I've been looking at the intercooler vs. water/methanol injection deal. DOn't know what are the benefits of each? I guess the water injection is simpler to install, perhaps a little cheaper, but the intercooler is always there, never has to be filled, and can't just unexpectedly stop working and kabloowy.

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