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'54-Hunter 03-27-2003 12:27 PM

What can I do to make my 1985 Chevy Chevette run better?
I recently bought a 1985 chevy chevette for $400 (really good interior..and only 55k miles). I am using it for delivering pizzas part time....however, once I sell my 2000 honda civic, it will be my primary car for at least 5 months, so I need it to run decent. The car has problems starting every once in awhile...and it failed smog. I bought the car at a thrift store, so they didnt tell me a whole lot about history. What are some things you guys recomend I do (short of rebuilding the engine)? Im no car keep that in mind.

tm454 03-27-2003 01:11 PM

Ok this is a for real question, so here. Change the oil and the oil filter then take it in for the e-checks. Put a new air filter on it and run a little high octane gas in it before you take it to be tested. It should have clean oil, good gas and be warmed up before tested. Good luck, I ran one of these for work for a couple of years, I liked the gas mileage. The shove-it got me around and was good in the snow.

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Copper Top 03-27-2003 01:29 PM

it might help to dump a can of restore in it a few days before you take it for its next test,could help bring down blow by,i had one of those too.i drove the hell out of it and the only problem i had was with the starter.

'54-Hunter 03-27-2003 05:09 PM

I was thinking about changing the spark plugs too. The manual says it needs plugs with a .035 gap. Does that mean I only need to find a plug with that gap? Or are there any other things i need to worry about with spark plugs?

edit: I just looked up some NGK plugs online, and they recomended .045 v-power or platinum plugs. Is that because they dont make .035 or what?

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kitkar 03-27-2003 06:20 PM

If U don't have any luck with the platinun plugs, try deisel plugs. Volkswagon or Volvo plugs should work nicely. Just remember to regap 'em to .035".

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