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Where to start.

AMC Runners
68 AMX 290...done
69 AMX 390 4 speed...survivor under 40,000 original miles...I will never touch this car to restore doesn't need it
70 AMX 360 4 speed...done but the paint should be freshened up along with the interior (I have the parts).
68 Rebel 343 4 speed...needs work but runs and will be done...(I bought it for a parts car for the Machine but it's to good to part out...I know, that's how it always starts)
70 Machine 4 in progress, mostly apart, almost rust free car except for surface rust where the factory paint got thin over the years.
70 Javelin 360 primer but should be redone...just in primer for to many years.
71 Gremlin X 401 4 speed...runs but needs a bunch of work to get the 401 to hook up.

A bunch of parts cars (about 7...when I say about 7, I say that because 2 of them have been used real good for parts for the 68 and 70 AMX) for the AMC's that could and should be done...lots of extra parts...see Brian's thread "are you a hoarder, come on admit it".

72 Chevelle 350 auto runs, needs body work paint and interior (rust repair done)
59 Corvette 283 numbers matching...will be a frame off restoration and should be the next one I finish for's all there
70 Road Runner convertible, 383 4 speed...should really be a parts car, lots of floor to speak of
72 Demon 340 auto...really clean car but somebody replaced the rear quarters and did it wrong. They used full factory quarters and the welds on the C pillar are bubbling...and a real poor job in the door jambs. I've been following Mike's (Deadbodyman) thread on what he's doing with the rockers on his IROC and I know that's what I should do...and will do but, would like to get the Corvette done while I'm still young enough. That's the last car that I told my wife I was going to buy...I'm pretty sure she married a liar...LOL

Daily Drivers
94 Eldorado 4.6 Northsta ETC...Wife's car, I'm not allowed to drive it much...just repair it.
02 Eldorado 4.6 Northstar ETC...My car, wife's not allowed to drive it...*** for tat.
92 GMC shop truck...5.7...beat up pretty good, high miles but, runs well and still strong enough to haul my mother in-law to her Doctor's appointments...if I put the tail gate down.

The damn thing is, I moved out East and it was supposed to be for a good time, not a long time and the majority of my collection is still out West in storage at a buddy's place where he has lots of room, temperature controled and looks after them real well. I have managed to bring a few of the AMC where I'm located now and I'm finding that my little shop gets smaller and smaller, especially in Winter. In Summer the wife doesn't mind parking outside as long as my car stays outside as well....*** for tat thing again but the 68 and 69 AMX get to sit in the garage and that frees up two stalls in the shop, the 70 AMX stays in the shop.

This collection started happening in 1991, that's when I bought the 69 AMX. I picked it up at an estate sale at a very reasonable price and it was either the AMX or a 68, 427 Impala convertible. I've had the car for 22 years and have put about 500 miles on it...I'd love to drive it more but I want to keep the mileage under 40K. Then I ran into a great deal on the 68 so I had to have that one and seeing that I was only missing (as far as two seater's go) the 70 AMX, it was a must have and picked it up for a steal as a father son project (I traded two computers for the car and drove it home) son needed funds for a career move and sold me his share of the car (Now he has a 70 Cuda that we are going to resume the father son thing on). Those are the ones I have with me now and God willing I will need to ship them back out West in the near future so I can reunite these with the others. That would mean moving a customer's car back out West with me but, that's where he's from and would welcome the move.

So, cars that run, drive and have road insurance on, there are 6...the rest are waiting to either get done and driven, or when and if I make the move out West, find a good home for a few of them, like the 70 Javelin, 70 Road Runner (that one I don't know if I should have even included but they are cool cars when they're done), 68 Rebel and the 71 Gremlin X. I would love to keep them all and still may but I have to be realistic. I'm a young 57 years old, I do about 1 or 2 customer cars per year. If I finished all of my project cars and still worked on customer's cars...I'd probably need to live to the ripe old age of then I think my reaction time may have slowed down somewhat and I'd need to get somebody else to run them at the track...all I could do then is look at them and that's only half the fun...LOL.

Has there ever been a thread that asks people about cars that they sold years ago and wish they hadn't? I think there was something like that a few months ago but maybe it should be brought back. I know that the list of what I had and and sold would be a lot longer than this one.

Sorry for the long post but, I'm expecting a call from a buddy in Europe and I had some time before it's 9 AM out there.

Best Regards guys
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