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cool rockin daddy 05-29-2011 09:32 AM

What converter?
Taking delivery of a Stage 2 2004R trans from Extreme Automatics. Lonnie said keep the converter as "tight" as you can and said a D5 from a turbo Buick would be a real nice converter for my setup. Have a 400 HP small block with a cam that has 218 and 224 duration at .050 (Comp Cams Extreme Energy 262). Car is a 69 Camaro with 3.42 gears. Thought he said a D5 had a stall of 2200-2500. Sound about right for my set up?

ericnova72 05-29-2011 11:00 AM

I've heard good things about Lonny at Extreme, I'd trust his advice.

cool rockin daddy 05-29-2011 11:34 AM

yeah, that's why I bought from him. Great to deal with. Really good deal on the trans. Just trying to figure out what the equivalent converter is to a D5 if I can't find a D5.

cool rockin daddy 05-29-2011 08:18 PM

The D5 is the special high stall speed converter you are referring to, F-Bird. It was the highest stall converter available on '87 Grand Nationals. 2200-2400 behind the turbo V-6. I have no doubt it is the right converter for me but I am a little scared off by the horsepower capacity of that converter as I can't find it anywhere and there are a lot of aftermarket converters only rated to 350 horsepower.

tnsmith10 05-29-2011 09:26 PM


Originally Posted by F-BIRD'88
s10 4.3 L v6 converter. Corvette L98 (88-90ish) 2200stall

the GM converters have a "K rating" From that you can calculate the expected stall speed depending on engine torque output.
The K rating is expressed by the 4 letter code on the converter.
Some one smart will know what that all means.

Google search it.

The 1987 ish Monte Carlo SS w305HO and th200r4 had a special unique high stall lock up converter. Gives about 3200 stall when behind a typical healthy 350cid motor.

With the cam you want to use you can use up to a 3000 stall W/lock up function. If you want real strong off the line acceleration, you'll like the higher stall.

Find a real deal custom converter made on a small 245MM case diameter.
Such as sold by Precision Industries or Yank.

The modified "high stall" "stock" converters are not very efficient.
The stall is raised by bending the converter fins to a more negative angle.
The stall is higher but at the cost of power transmission efficiently.
You get what you pay for when it comes to late GM lock up style converters.

those converters will not work as they are 30 spline input and the 200-4r is 27 spline...
and early (82-early 84) 700r4 converter will work, but for what been mentioned, a GN converter should be about perfect for a mild street application.

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