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What did you drive

Originally Posted by Croz
Lets try and keep this thread on track with what it was originally about and not deteriorate into a debate of what is and isn't a hot rod. I have seen that conversation more times than I can count, and would like to remind you of the dictionary definition of hot rod.

Hot Rod - n. an automobile specially built or altered for fast acceleration and increased speed.

This is a varied culture, and it is my understanding that we don't discriminate at If you try and start telling people their cars don't count unless they are 40s or older, you alienate a TON of good and knowledgeable people, myself included. Everyone is free to their own opinion on what cars are the best, and honestly, I would love to see more of the current generation interested in cars in general. Actually interested in making them faster, produce more power, and handle better by doing something more involved than hooking up a computer or buying a performance chip.

Most people's first car is going to be determined by their budget first and foremost and their preference a distant second. Depending on where you grow up, you likely need a car that can actually get you to school and back and to work and back every day, which means buying a car in reasonably working condition. That gets tougher and tougher to do the older the car you look for. Not to mention insuring these things. Hell, I still have trouble finding an insurance company that will actually cover the GTO without asking for 6 months salary in return. And to be honest, all these cars are obsolete. They are still great fun and awesome looking, but technologically, you can't avoid the fact that they are obsolete. In my opinion, that is half the reason I like my car so much. I can work on my car without plugging in a laptop. Its a mechanical machine, with minor electronics in a supporting role and I love it.

It changes how you live your life when the only car you own is 40 years old. It takes away some of your control over your life, and you never know what is around the corner. It makes life an adventure, and for those of us that have chosen that path, we wouldn't change it for the world. Trying to explain that to someone that doesn't get it is futile. So, in my opinion, we should welcome any new members we get into the hot rod world with open minds regardless of our personal opinions about the car they call their hot rod.
I don't want to start anything here but someone should go back and read the posts or re-read them.

First off this is the lounge, subjects do get going off subject sometimes. No harm no foul.
Second we were not having a debate over the years of what was a hot rod. I had said IMO or JMO several times. I believe I said people can call their cars what they want. But lets be clear the term Hot Rod was used before most of the cars that people call Hot rods were made, it was used for cars that were made in the 30' and 40's. Don't forget there are customs ,street machines muscle cars then DD

I don't mind being called out if I get called out on a engine thread, or a body thread, or any of the threads like that if We get off subject, but I think the lounge, it's like we are sitting in are shop shooting the bull, it is just talk.

Garrell or I did get off subject a little, but if you go back and read the posts we sure weren't getting on each other, and it was Garrell thread. If he thought it was way off, read his Threads he keeps people to the subject.

I have never talked to you or seen your posts, I don't know if you are a new Mod or a old one, If you are new IMO you need to think a little before you call someone out. I would have done this in a PM. but you didn't so I didn't either, Don't mean to hurt your feelings, I have been called out before And I maybe had it coming, but I just took it and went on< but this one I think was out of line. I'm not one to hold back so there you have it.

My rant is over, remember this is the lounge.

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