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You want a "new technology" story? I'll try to make it quick.

About two years ago.......2006 Volvo S40 rear ended, we repaired, trunk lid wouldn't latch a month after the customer got the car back.

We replaced the latch. Still nothing, wouldn't shut and latch every time. Open and close it five times, three times it latched, two times it didn't.

Found wires broken in the harness going from the trunk, repaired them, it worked, sent the car on it's way.

Last week, car comes back same thing, trunk won't latch. If you manually push on the catch with a screw driver it will catch twice just like it should but if you just give a gentle pull back with your finger the catch flips open. Ordered a new latch ($170) and installed, shuts once, then never again! With a screw driver this latch won't work at all. The catch goes in and out like the handle is being pulled! Call up and get another latch coming, it's defective apparently.

Next day, New latch comes with the delivery guy showing me how it works before he leaves, taking the "defective" latch with him. With a screw driver you can latch it and the catch stops at the two points and you can NOT pull it open (duh, just like ever other trunk latch on earth) install new latch, shut the lid, same thing! One latch, then never again and the latches catch goes in and out manually like the frigging latch release is pulled and held! It's electric only, there is no manual handle other than a cable for the locked in the trunk emergency handle. With the wire harness unplugged, same thing, nothing! We dig into the wire harness and find another wire broken off deeper in it. Pull the whole friggin thing out and repair it. Hook it back up, NOTHING. Cycle the ignition and trunk release on the remote and still NOTHING. Work late trying to figure the thing out with three techs kicking around what the heck could be going on.

Next morning the tech working on the car come to me telling me it works! They opened and closed the lid a few times and now it is working! WTF!

Ok, this was with the original latch we replaced two years ago. So now I have that second replacement latch that isn't working. It's out of the car and you can push on the catch and it swings in and out like something internally is broken so I can't return it like that. So I install the new latch on the trunk so that it can be cycled thru like the other one and get it working. I hook it all up and NOTHING! Go thru all the electrical crap and NOTHING. As I am trying to shut it I clicked on the switch on the trunk to OPEN the lid and it clicked loud, SOB, I knew it as soon as I heard it, I shut the lid and it latched! You have to hit the open button ON THE LID before the latch would set it's self and work! I removed the latch and returned it to Volvo and the original new latch we installed two years ago was put back in.

We replaced the harness just to be sure the problem was handled and it left late Friday night.

Now mind you, this was all after a couple of phone calls to Volvo talking with a tech over there, they didn't have a clue! When I called them up to tell them I got a "Yeah, I seem to remember about that one time".

To get the trunk to shut we had to "open" it with the latch, who would have thunk!

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