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400 sbc q's

i just recently built up my 400 smallblock, and ill tell you what i found... the car is a '71 caprice classic, so i have AlOT more weight to push around.since your block is a 2 bolt, the webbing is stronger than my '71, so a higher comp. ratio can be used without the fear of failure. since the machine shop is gonna have to tank the block anyways, spending the extra 90-100 dollars to bore the block is worth the investment. itll keep down the engine noise of piston slap and make the motor tighter, while helping to unshroud the valve for a few more cfm. since your going to buy new pistons most likely, the oversize pistons wont cost much more than std. bore size pistons.Since a budget must be followed, you can stick with the stock rods. But if you have an extra 200 dollars, upgrade to 5.7's and get the arp bottom bolts in there for the rods.also note that the 350 rods may not clear and have to be notched in some cases, but this is generally with newer style ('87-0n) 350 rods,but since the crank needs cleaned up, the rods will most likely also be out of round, needing cleaned up. Rods are cheap and plentiful, so finding a decent se tshould be no problem.I went witha 10.0:1 comp piston with a .020 overbore and .020 off the deck, making it 10.8:1.
The cam you have chosen sounds good on paper, but what i've found after three cams, the more lift the better. My first cam was like what u describe here. The cubes eat it up in a heartbeat, and with the higher compression, itll run outta air WAY before the intake and carb do. Instead of porting the heads and using a small cam, which will make it a dog. spend the money on good machine work and stiffening the bottom end for performance.Remember that most of your money will be spent in the machine shop, not the summit catalog, so get as much done there to ensure a good motor as you can, before starting to pile on power. i went with the summit cam kit with 212/224 @ .050 and and .442/.460 with a small converter. thi cam is great with midrange power with 1.94 heads and the cubes make gobs of low end grunt. your intake and carb sound good,same as what im running, except the manifold, but make sure the electronics are up to the task, that 30 yr. old distributor and coil just arent gonna cut it. At the least get a fresh set of points and a re curve kit.all in all, doing my own valvejob and assembly of heads,getting my intake for free ( ****ty 305 z intake from '85) reusing the carb with headers and all, i spent right around 1900-2400 dollars, thats assembling it myself too. The bills add quick, so make sure you have the cash b4 u start. but this combo runs great in my caprice, fires em off thru first and parts of second( peg leg rear) and runs cool with a 190 t stat in it.also, for an extrea 90 bucks, some roller tip rockers will do wonders for noise and for tope end stability.
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