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badknuckles 03-19-2004 07:40 PM

what is the fastest (factory) car you have ever driven?

Steve karch 03-19-2004 07:50 PM

For me it would have to be the 1989 Mustang GT I leased back in 89. I could cruise all day at 70 mph and get 30 mpg. I think it topped out at 140 mph or so. It was a company car too.


Ghetto Jet 03-19-2004 07:51 PM

2001 Mercedes SLK 230 KOMPRESSOR. Customer's Car. Very quick, but the seat was the most uncomfortable seat I have ever sat in.

badknuckles 03-19-2004 07:53 PM

mine was a (i know its a gay ricer) twin turbo dodge stealth.
light up all four wheels.

Crazy Mopar Guy 03-19-2004 08:49 PM

It would have to be a 440 powered B body, one of many.
I owned a 440 1969 Coronet, it had highway gears and it would F-L-Y on the highway.
A 4.10 geared 440 car is pretty impressive as far as factory stock goes?
I also had a 350 1972 Nova YEARS AGO that was pretty quick. It was dead stock, but could fry the.... TIRE.

Deuce 03-19-2004 08:53 PM


Fastest and quickest " factory car " was a AC Cobra (427).
It belonged to my lawyer. This was in the early 70's.

Fastest and quickest "factory car" I ever owned was a Black 1970 SS454 LS6 4 speed car. 454 with 450 horses...factory
Bought it in 1970.


Carbed95GT 03-19-2004 08:53 PM

For me, it was our friend Jon's 2000 Z28. Definitely much faster than our Mustangs were in stock form. 03-19-2004 09:22 PM

Fastest factory stocker=A brand new 68 HEMI Coronet with 3 miles on it. My dad had to repair the passenger bucket seat at his trim shop. I drove it 12 miles from the dealership to the shop and back. Of course I had to try out the rear tires a few times.

badknuckles 03-19-2004 09:25 PM

i wish there were more mechanics like you around.
from what i here they dont even check those babies in the dealership.
thats why ford is always up to there kneck.

53fordguy 03-19-2004 09:40 PM

2002 police issue trans am with a super charger 350 makin high 6's on 17's in about 10 flat

Croz 03-19-2004 09:40 PM


mine was a (i know its a gay ricer) twin turbo dodge stealth.
light up all four wheels.
First off, it isn't a gay ricer. Those cars are exremely respectable...
Second... They won't spin all four wheels stock... The only time I have seen one do it was a 10 second highly modified car.

Mine... uhhh... well, a 92 dodge stealth twin turbo... my brother got one a couple years ago... we argue who has the faster car... His stealth or my Goat. One day when both of them are in good running condition, we will find out... I swear his is in the shop more than mine...

Chevy Thunder2 03-19-2004 09:48 PM

Neil diesel suburban

FASTCHEVY 03-19-2004 09:55 PM

My buddy's drop top turbo Chrysler LeBaron. we swapped the 2.5L turbo for a turbo 2.2L GTC engine (shorter stroke) and man that **** would run! :D
Of course, we burnt up the transmission.:(

The fastest car I've ridden in is my cousin's 67 GTO, 5 spd?
lap belts + vinyl seats = me holding on for dear life!:eek:

speedingpenguin 03-19-2004 10:12 PM

my dads 04 G35x sedan.....we've tested out the 0-60 in it a few times....lets just say that that car leaves you with the biggest smile....haha

lowROLLERchevy 03-19-2004 10:55 PM

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i know awd talons w. 12 pounds boost on a 16g turbo just squeek the tires w/ a 5 grand clutch drop ... so the idea that a stock awd stealth will smoke them on launch is a bit hard to see, but ive been known to be wrong too

as for the fastest car ive driven ..... audi a6 twin turbo ... sideways through the gravel .... at warp speed ....

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