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brian400ex 02-27-2003 11:59 AM

what are front disk brakes like without a power booster?
How do disk brakes feel without a power booster?

Dave E Shank 02-27-2003 12:09 PM

HEY BRIAN: I have a 1938 Lafayette street rod that weigths 3900 pounds. Car was built with MustangII front end with nine inch front disc. Car burned front pads off shoes and eat up rotors. I bought a kit to convert to 11 inch rotors with big GM calipers and it works much better. This winter I installed residual valves in the lines, because my MC is under the floorboard. Works much better. Still a lot of foot pressure required, if you could go to power booster I am sure it would be better yet, but I do not have room with my present setup. If you go to WWW.MPBRAKES.COM there is some good technical info. Remember one crash and better brakes would be CHEAP. GOOD LUCK DAVE

Dragon J 02-27-2003 12:11 PM

My Henry J has Mustang II discs with no power and they stop great- the car is relatively light, however- if you have a heavier car I'd recommend power- the units are not that expensive, but you do need firewall space- that's what kept me from them. Be safe if you have space and go w/power! ;)

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brian400ex 02-27-2003 02:16 PM

Well, i already bought my conversion kit. I had no vacuum ports available and my engine doesn't have enough vacuum. It has a lot of valve overlap. I was just wondering if it was harder than the drum brakes to push? I didn't think they were that bad to push. Also i was tired of fighting the steering wheel every time i hit the brakes. It got a little scary plus i need new wheel hubs and they don't make them anymore for my car. With the disk brakes i don't need the hubs. I even got new spindles.


pasadenahotrod 02-28-2003 06:12 AM

Brian, you don't tell us what kind of car you have so it's hard to give much good blind advice...however, here goes.
My 17 year old son's 57 Belair 2dr Sedan has the manual disc brakes/drum combo. As I have never owned a car with power brakes myself (my wife's cars don't count). I have never had any trouble driving it or stopping it. My son has no trouble, either, probably because he was put in it and there it was...learn the system! He has no complaint about either the manual steering or brakes.
(PS, the reason the car has no power is because the guy who had it before was freaked out by the $200 difference in the manual or power conversions.)

ssaza 02-28-2003 04:31 PM

I have had several GM cars with disc brakes and not power,Had a 68 Firebird from the factory with front disc brakes without power brakes,worked good,also had a 67 chevelle SS with front disc brakes without power,Wasn't factory set up,the tall BBC valve cover hit the booster,removed the booster and worked OK.

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