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Ok I guess I will probably be told how wrong I am but my 2 cents anyway. I know Craftsman has a good following, brand loyalty I guess, but they are not even in the same class with Snap-On, Mac, Proto, etc. I work in the mining industry on some of the largest equipment in the world and have for the last 35 years and my welding and repair business depends on my tools, if they break I lose money no matter what kind of warranty because I can not stop and run to Sears to change a tool. I know and work with many other mechanics who would not even consider trying to use Craftsman or any other second rate tool because they will fail under the abuse we demand of them. Now after saying that I am not knocking Craftsman I think they can be a fine tool for most shops and average duty and for the price can be a good bargain but my point is comparing them to pro grade tools is a mistake. If you tried to use the Craftsman ratchet and sockets like we do the Proto, snap-On, etc, using "cheater pipes" and other abuses that they are not designed for the Craftsman would snap like toys but then NO tool should be expected to hold up under abuse such as that. In the real world However, when equipment sits idle for even a short time it can mean many$$$$$, we resort to whatever it takes and I have seen these pro tools take far more abuse than any tool ever should have to and I can tell you from experience they are light years ahead of Craftsman in durability. Now am I saying everyone should buy Snap-On? Not at all and in fact for most people it would be a waste of money since few will ever have the need to use their tools in conditions like I described but to say Craftsman is equal to or better than the pro tools is just plain ridiculous and if you ever have to maintain something like a D-11 bulldozer you will find out real quick what will break and what will not and that is why you do not see Craftsman on many service trucks or in many heavy equipment mechanics' tool boxes. Even though it cost them a hell of a lot more for "real" tools to outfit their rigs these guys know what quality means to their job and where to find tools that will not let them down when it counts and that is not at Sears!
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