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am i a hotrodder? i dont know, what do know is that when i was 12 a friend of mines dad let me start up and ride in his 10 sec 67' camaro, i was HOOKED by the sound and the feel. i went to auto-tech in high school to learn as much as i could, was a mechaninc for a few years till i decided to join the military, i have dreamed about, wished about, read about, cars and motors and chrome etc. i dont have a running hotrodd, but i am in the process of trying to build a 87 camaro z28, with a 385, with way to much power than the stock componets can handle, and so i am trying to either rebuild, buy or modify what needs to be done, i have a better knowlege than 95% of the worlds normal population on cars and motors etc, but by no means am i a master, i deffinatley still have a bunch to learn, but the thing is i love to learn and cant learn enough about these things!!! it some ways im a nervous when i am getting ready to tackle a new project cause i have never done it before, and sometimes really wish i had a "pro" to guide me and watch over my should or show me a better way and maybe some of the things to avoid etc.

so since i haven't built a complete car yet, i guess by a good majority of you im not considered a "hotrodder"

i would say that a "hotrodder" is all a state of mind, or adittude
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