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What is a HOT RODDER?

well lets SEE!--first of ALL--HOT RODDERS are the Fist Re-Cyclers in History!--First to Re-Cycle Automobles-- as Any Make or Model became Re-Cycled!--thus! the HOT ROD!--my First Look at a HOT ROD was a Model "T" strip Down--as It was Called!--a Fender Less "T" w/ Big Tires I still Chuckel thinking Back to the Three Pedels on its Floor Board & It went as Fast in REVERSE as It DID Foward!--& its was Driven Daiy in a Foot of MUD! & never missed a Beat!--but--HOT RODDING really took OFF--during the Great Depression-when HENRY FORD Intoduced the 32--V-8 Better Known as the DUCE! now Days!--followed by the 33 & 34 right on UP to all the High Pro Vehicles of Today!--the Most sort after are the Converts & Coupes but every once in a While! I see a 4 door station wagon that someone? has Restored--perhaps?? Grampys Car?--& even though its Odd? & NOT a High Dollar Value Car--a Beauty to behold!--as Some Familys Pride & Joy! of yester Year!--from the RAT RODS--Ole Jolopies still in Primer-- w/ Big Powerful Engines that Fry Big Tires!--& GO FAST on UP to the Trailer Queens!--Beautiful Restored Originals--as Perfect as Man can Make them--Better than the Originals I think--as their NOT Mass Produced!-but--Hand re- Built w/ Loving CARE!--some refer to them as BOTTLE CARS!--Beautiful in Ither Case! it really don*t don*t make any Differance what You Call them? as their ALL part of Americas Transportation History!--from the Ole 32s on UP to Todays Chevy Corvette & the MOPAR VIPERS--as their All HOT RODS!--as their All designed to GO FAST & Look like their Going FAST just Sitting Still!--as they ALL catch your EYE as they Pass You on the Highway or Parked at the Local COFFEE Shop! & all though YOU may just Hear that LOW Powerful Rumbel? & Know! its NOT Dads Car!--as YOU Rush to see IT! YUP! thats a HOT ROD all Right!--& YOU Dream of Owning One Some Day!--thats What HOT RODS Are!--any Questions?? --Ole JIM--
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