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The answer is: Anyone who likes cars, likes to fiddle with them, likes to modify them, likes to buy and drive modified or muscle cars is a Hot Rodder. Anybody you are likely to see with their at a car venue, is a hotroder. There are no Hotrod purists. There are car restoration purists, but once a car is modified, it is not pure any longer.

There are million dollar hotrods because that is what their owner was willing to pay for them. It doesn't mean that it appeals to others. Snobs will always be snobs no matter what they are doing. If someone looks down their nose at a you at a show, they would have done it at the 7-11. There are people who think that their money or status in society makes them better than the rest of us. I feel sorry for them because the wall they have built between themselves and the Hot Rod characters that are around has caused them to miss the best part of Hot Rodding which is sharing space and ideas with people that you have something in common. Go to any drag strip and watch any guy give his last quart of oil to his toughest competitor so they can race. Or pull the iginition, or blower off his car and give it to him after he eliminited him just so he can make the next round.

I have been doing this for 45 years I continue to be amazed at the degree of help, friendship and money that perfect straingers are willing to give to fellow Hot Rodders. Sometimes the younger ones take a while to catch it, but it is really contegious and will change anyone after while.

Hotrodding is an attitude about and a love of cars. Anyone can be a Hotrodder if he/she wants.

Originally Posted by BillyJoe
If someone only loves hotrods are they a hotrodder? What about if they build one from scratch in their garage, making every makeable piece or adapting from other cars, are they a hotrodder? What about the guy who gives $150,000 to a builder to have one built for them, are they a hotrodder? Are there 'hot rod' snobs like the purists who would look down on you if you did not have a numbers matching 'whatever'? Should a car club member feel any more of a hotrodder if they bought their car in pieces from a mailorder catalog than the guy who buys a hotrod someone else has built? Maybe if you admit you did not build it everytime someone says 'nice car', would that make you redeem yourself in their eyes?
Just wondering.
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